Cherish the moments

I am really enjoying my one on one time with Mr.3 at the moment.  I know it’s a matter of months until he’s off to three year old kindergarten – and although in Australia that’s only 5 hours/week, to me it signals that transition from kinder to starting school.  And I know that it’s a transition that happens all too fast.

It’s funny how with your first, in some respects, you can want kinder to come around quickly.  Once they are off to school, though, you realise suddenly how little time you get with them.

So with my second son, and last baby, I’m relishing the time we have together, before the public school system whisks him away from me!

Yesterday he & I took a trip to Melbourne Museum – what a place.  Magnificent! Admittedly I got to read about three paragraphs at exhibits as I was off chasing after Mr.3 most of the time.  But he had an absolute ball, particularly in the children’s gallery, and didn’t want to leave.  If it wasn’t for the car parking burning a hole in my pocket, and the fact that we had to pick up Mr.6 from school, we’d have both been happy to have stayed there all day..

So we’re all going back tomorrow, quite possibly for the whole day this time!


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