Our $343 Night Out

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Soon my husband and I are having a Night Out – not just a quick movie date, or dinner at a local restaurant – but dinner followed by an actual event.  We don’t do that too often, but I’m intent on experiencing more of Melbourne’s live musical performances this year.

However, along with this good intention comes a fairly hefty price.  Here is the breakdown.

Tickets to Melbourne Symphony Orchestra: $130 (“B” reserve)

Babysitting: $80 ($20ph)

Dinner: $120 (mid-range restaurant – share entree, mains, share dessert, 2 glasses wine)

Train tickets: $13 (wouldn’t even dream of catching a cab)

Hurried walk home up the hill from train station in the dark, in the middle of winter: priceless

Total: $343

I’m the first to admit I lean towards the ‘spend it because life is too short’, than the ‘save it for a rainy day’ side of life, but even I can see why we do these sorts of nights once in a blue moon!  (And explains why I may not get to dine at The Press Club, or indulge in the degustation menu at Attica in the near future.)

It also explains why Melbourne comes in at 15th on the Most Expensive Cities of the World list for 2012.  The next few nights out will be pizza down at the local pizza shop!

How much would you spend on a fancy Night Out with your beloved?


2 responses to “Our $343 Night Out

  1. Yikes, it all adds up doesn’t it. We don’t have to pay babysitters but BC we spent up to $1500 on a night out – husband mainly to blame $1000 bottle of wine. Still it was one of the most memorable nights of our entire time in Sydney. Now its likely to be around $200. Usually just a nice dinner, no entertainment. We haven’t done that in ages though, usually would be about $80 or cheaper having purchased an entertainment book or a voucher from a website. Still think fine dining is more expensive in Oz than NZ though. Full 9 course degustation at The French Cafe (best rest in NZ many year running) including matching wine would set you back $360 AU$.

  2. $1000 on a bottle of wine…it must have been amazing!! Yes it’s definitely more pricey here, I think they also stitch us up by playing on the whole ‘Melbourne gourmet foodie experience’ thing.

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