I’m passing on hibernation this year

I’m a warm weather person, so when June 1 came around, I dreaded the thought of ninety days of winter ahead.  It’s not all bad, being a time of celebrations – my birthday and my almost-six’s both fall in July.  (Actually, my birthday is often the coldest recorded day of the year.  How I’d love a summertime BBQ / picnic birthday!  Outdoor bunting, picnic blankets, sparkling wine…)

Anyway.  So far, winter has surprised me.  Maybe it’s more that I’ve surprised myself:  I decided to just grab the bull by the horns this year, and instead of adopting my usual winter hibernation routine (sofa, chocolate, hot chocolate, tea) I’m rugging up and getting outdoors, just as much as I would in spring and summer.

In fact, in terms of exercise, more so than I would in summer.  The chilly air is much more conducive to longer periods of exercise – so I’m now covering 12, 13, 14km in one go. Who’d have thought?  And when it’s cold and drizzly, I remind myself that it’s not Canada and not minus zero outside!

My next goal is to get to South Melbourne Market by breakfast time – perhaps this weekend.  A reward at the end helps, and after that much exercise I could pretty much scoff the big breakfast with a full-fat latte and it wouldn’t matter.  Sometimes hubby and the boys will then drive to meet me at my destination, and we’ll all head to a cafe and a park.

The following goal is from here into the city…but I’ll let myself conquer a few to South Melbourne first!

I am conscious we’re only 15 days into winter, and there’s a fair slog to go..  But so far, so good.

And you know what?  No chocolate cravings, either!


3 responses to “I’m passing on hibernation this year

  1. Don’t let the fact that your birthday is in winter stop you from having a barbeque. My birthday is in winter and I’ve had a barbeque full of warming food… the usual burgers and sausages etc but instead of salads and summer drinks, a nice hot risotto and mulled wine 🙂

  2. Hi Sophie, thanks..good idea, I should do that! This year though I’ve arranged a pizza & wine night with a few friends at a little Italian restaurant – you don’t feel the cold in there 🙂

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