The Hamster Wheel of Life

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This afternoon a friend of mine and I were discussing the similarities in our morning routines: getting reluctant kids dressed, serving up a breakfast that they’ll actually eat enough of, etc.  We likened these niggles to groundhog day..and then, laughed as we extended this to ‘the hamster wheel of life’.

“You can’t get stuck on the hamster wheel.”  “Oh God, no way.. if you do, it’s over.”  “But look at how so many people do!” (Mutual nodding and sighing)

I’m quite conscious of the hamster wheel.  And if I get that groundhog day feeling coming on, the kids usually get bundled into the car for breakfast at a cafe before school, or on the weekend, it’s off to an undiscovered area of Melbourne for us.  (Don’t ask questions..Mummy just wants to go somewhere. new. right. now.)

Soon however, my friend is not just stepping off the hamster wheel, but throwing it overarm as far as she can.  Later this year, she’s off to Hong Kong and across the border to Shenzhen for a shopping spree of a lifetime.  And the only thing she’ll have in tow is her suitcase.

I’m impressed.  I need to have a talk with my husband.

What have you done to get off your wheel lately?


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