Chesterfield Farm visit

Yesterday as part of Mr.2’s end of year childcare excursion, I took Mr.5 and Mr.2 to Chesterfield Farm which is an animal farm specifically for kids…although I had just as much fun as they did!  For young kids I think it’s much better than the Zoo as it’s so hands on.  We got to feed emus, deer, llamas, kangaroos, donkeys, goats, lambs, pigs..went on a tractor ride that left us all squealing, and we all got a turn at milking a cow.  Mr.5 and Mr.2 milked her perfectly, straight into the on the other hand got more of the milk over my arm than where it should’ve gone – but nevertheless, it’s always quite a unique experience.

Mr.2 in particular has a real affinity with animals, and the look on his face while the kangaroos ate from his hand for the first time was just beautiful. 🙂  If you live in Melbourne I’d definitely recommend a visit!

Alison x


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