Christmas baking has begun

Today I just had to bake something or else I was going to go crazy – it was as simple as that.

I was never a big Nigella fan – I think you either love her or you aren’t that fussed. Recently I watched a Christmas-themed Nigella Lawson episode, where the kitchen is covered in fairy lights (including the pantry) and she cooks a variety of fattening sweet treats.  At one point it appears she gets up in the middle of the night, whispering to the camera so as not to wake anyone up (?) and in her black silk robe, no less, cooks some sort of decadent gooey chocolate cake.

I had to laugh at such blatant exploitation of her womanly assets…it was so clichéd it was bordering on corny.

But for whatever reason, despite my amusement, I was hooked.  Maybe it was those boobs after all?  After watching her in action I almost felt like wearing a twinset.  Almost. And I desperately wish that I could scoff my face with her indulgent desserts and have all the calories go straight to my chest…but alas that will never happen.

So, the next best thing was to cook something Christmasy and Nigella, and eat one slice of it.  I love using early December as time for Christmas recipe experimentation – then baking the best to give as little gifts or to have over Christmas.

I had a browse through and discovered a fruitcake containing no flour.  I’d never made a fruitcake before, because I find them quite floury – I prefer cakes with almond or hazelnut meal instead of flour.  So when I came across her recipe for a golden fruitcake that uses almond meal and no flour, I had to try it.  You can see the recipe here.

Essentially, lots of dried fruit, pear in particular; butter and Bacardi; and masses of almond meal:

It’s still not completely cool yet, so next time I’ll tell you how it tasted.  In the meantime, I’m off to put the kids to bed and decide on my next Christmas recipe! 🙂

What are you baking this Christmas?

Alison x


6 responses to “Christmas baking has begun

  1. I have just watched an episode of Nigella on ABC Iview and I must say that although my initial flick through one of her books was disappointing, actually watching her show is great. Her food is easy, simple and tasty looking. As for Christmas, isn’t it great to try out lots of new recipes. Love it. I am just trying to work out what to put together for all our family occasions. But I think I would love to make some mince pies

  2. I usually do a panforte since I love them so much and am doing some christmas snowmen biscuits for Finns class. Probably some sort of truffle or biscuit for his teacher too but haven’t decided yet. I did highly decorated cookies last year but not sure if I’ll get around to that this year.

  3. Ah Nigella! The one who made baking sexy! What is it about Christmas that makes us feel the need to bake? At 7pm on Saturday night I just “had” to bake so I made my first ever Madeira cake and ate loads of it! I’m also going to make meringue treats for Christmas gifts later this week!

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