I can’t believe..

I’m having an “I can’t believe it’s time..” week this week.

On Tuesday, I took Mr.5 up to the school uniform shop to buy all his school gear.  Cargo shorts, polo tops, bomber jacket, hat, bag, book folio, art smock.  He was so excited to get all his official ‘big school’ things – so much so, when we got back to the car he started taking off his pants so he could put his new school shorts on.  “No Mum!  I’m not waiting until we get home!!”

It was a 30 degree today, and he wore his entire school uniform, including bomber jacket, proudly refusing to take them off…and looking so grown up and so handsome.

It’s now Thursday, and he’s worn his uniform to bed, worn it to kindergarten this morning..”do I look like a proper school boy, Mum?”

I can’t believe it’s time for him to start school so soon.

As I look at him in his blue uniform, I can close my eyes and just as quickly see in front of me my little 5 pound 5 baby we carefully brought home after a long hospital stay.  Finally we got you home.  Can still feel the scariness, the worry, of wondering if you were getting enough milk to thrive – just another top up feed of 20mL – even 10mL was better than none.

Despite all our parenting shortcomings, mistakes and learnings, we must’ve done something right – because thrive you did.

Now you’re a beautiful, tall 5 1/2 year old, articulate, inquisitive, funny, fiesty and chatty boy.. perceptive of other’s emotions; inheriting both your parents’ stubborness…and with bucketloads of cheekiness thrown in.

My latest worry?  That I hope I’ve done enough right, though, in your first five years.

You’re more than ready to start Prep – and in some ways, I’m ready for you to start, too!  But I know I’ll miss you terribly to begin with.  Our house will be quieter, emptier, probably too calm, on the days you’d normally be home.

And then there’s the date today.  December 1?

I can’t believe it’s time to put up the Christmas tree again.  How did that happen?  Each year seems to go by faster than the last.  I fear this happens each year you get older.

But anyhow, for my little school boy, a tree alone won’t suffice – he has grand plans of redecorating the house with handmade Christmas decorations.  And I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.  So this weekend, it’s glitter, glue, sequins, glitter…and more glitter.  Bring it on!  🙂

Alison x


3 responses to “I can’t believe..

  1. I’ll be blogging along these same lines when my eldest turns 21 soon. Talk about blink and they are grown! Enjoy this new season of life in your family 🙂

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