Well blog me

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You know, I’ve been one lucky blogger.

I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress, twice – due to reasons completely unbeknownst to me.

I’m a terribly lazy blogger.

I’ve reached the point, actually, where I could argue if I’m in fact a ‘blogger’, at all.


I know some of my friends read this..and I feel..kind of exposed.  I feel they can easily know where I’m ‘at’ by reading what I write here – which doesn’t seem right to me.

Although it’s easier – blogs, Facebook, Twitter – I’m all for catching up and relaying news in person.  Nothing beats a good chat over a coffee, or a hearty Thai.

The only thing really, at the moment, anyway – keeping me going here is documenting tidbits about my two boys.  Because at age 35, I already have a pretty shocking memory..so putting stuff down in writing about them puts me at ease.

And because aside from any odd rambling from me, they are my world.

So yeah.  I am definitely one slack, lazy blogger.  I continue to admire those who can blog daily without skipping a beat.  A-maz-ing!

Alison x


2 responses to “Well blog me

  1. I share as much or as little of myself as I want to at different times. I’ve learnt to blog my own race, and in turn I’ve learnt to live more of my life in that way too. We’re all blogging for different reasons, as long as you know why that’s all that matters I think. X

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