Encouraging romance

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As a mother to boys, I feel it’s my duty to ensure that they have the following skills:

a) are able to look after themselves independently (we’ve started teaching Mr.5 to cook..how old do they have to be before they can wash their own clothes?)

b) wholly respect and uphold the opposite sex; and

c) understand the value and significance of romance.  Flowers, little thoughtful gifts just for no particular reason, thoughtfully penned cards…my boys will understand the importance of it all, and why it’s so special, particularly to us girls!

So with Christmas a month away, I had a chat with Mr.5 about what small gifts he’d like to give to his favourite friends at kinder.  For the boys, it was Matchbox cars and a candy cane as a small treat – no issue there.  But for his favourite girls, however, I watched with a smile on my face as he pondered what they’d like, his brow furrowed.

“What do you think Mum?” he asked me.

“They’re your friends…what do you think girls would like as a present?”

“Well…” (thinking hard) “I think Ava would like a princess.”


“And Sarah.. would like a sparkly necklace.”

“She certainly would..good idea!  And what about Charlie?”

“I don’t know Mum…”

“Hmmm…” (thinking Charlie has long hair)  “What about some hair clips?  Girls like hairclips.  What colour do you think she’d like?”

“Yeah, hair clips!  OK – I’ve got an idea.  Let’s get Charlie a whole PACKET of hair clips, sparkly ones, in pink and purple.”

“Wow, OK, she’d love that.”

At this point, I’m feeling my chest puff with pride.  My eldest is able to thoughtfully consider special gifts that each of his favourite girls would like..my little budding Romeo!

And then,

“But Mum,” he stresses, “we have to get a WHOLE packet of them…because, in case she loses some, she’d still have some left in the packet to use for her hair.”

You can instil romance, but you can’t remove the practicality of the Y chromosome, can you?

Alison x


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