You’re dreaming

Boy oh boy, are there some fantastic places to see pretty pictures on the internet.  (I mean, those of a G-rated kind).  If I get a moment, I sometimes sip a cup of tea while looking here, here, or here.  Oh, or here or here, too.  And if I want to do some virtual people-watching, I visit here, of course.  And then, if the inspiration just becomes all too overwhelming, without too much thought I may find myself visiting here to buy some pretty pictures!

Just like my Mr.5, I’m certainly a visual person…and I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, too.  Gorgeous imagery can just suck me in and give me a serious case of wanderlust.  Beautiful photos of other peoples’ spaces and unique places just never cease to amaze me.  Here’s some rather diverse beautifulness to dream about on a Sunday…

What do you dream about?

Alison x

Images via here

I’ve been to this spot before, but dream of returning (and yes, it looks just like that!)


4 responses to “You’re dreaming

  1. Alison where is that 1st beautiful Picture of? Is this Lord Howe Island that you have tagged? Reminds me of Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius where we honeymooned but i’m sure its maybe much closer than that! love those website links!

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