Grateful for real food

Recently I read this post by my friend Shelley.  I was concerned & disturbed to read she’d been recently surviving on just toast and crackers.  She knows the importance of good health, she knows how to eat for optimal nutrition.  She understands more about it than the average person.

(That said, a lot of us don’t eat much in the lead up to their wedding day.  I seem to remember a good week of dry toast and Safeway’s packaged salads.  With no dressing.  Do I get points for including some veges?)

Anyway, I get concerned when friends don’t take care of themselves, because, obviously, I care about them.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that there was someone else who wasn’t taking proper care of themselves.  Who knew exactly what to do, but wasn’t following her own advice.

You don’t need to guess who that person is!

I’ve read heaps of books on nutrition.  At one point, I was almost on the verge of starting a Uni degree to become a dietitian.  I taught myself a lot about the link between your mood, and what you eat – I find the science behind it very interesting.

And here I have been of late, keeping myself awake with too much black coffee.  Not preparing enough meals for myself and sometimes finishing off the boys’ leftovers instead.  Not stopping and spending time on food prep – chopping veges, making salads, making soups.  And some days, because I had so much I wanted to get done on my to-do list, skipping meals.  (Breakfast?  No worries.  I’d just swap black coffee for a skinny latte.)

Which is really dumb, because I of all people know food is fuel, and good food makes you feel great.  I’d go so far as to say it can prevent you from getting grumpy.

But it’s funny how we can selectively forget what’s best for us, when life is moving quickly. So I’m prioritising my health again now.  And I know when I do, everything else falls into place much more easily.  Instead of waking up feeling tired, I want to wake up early and feel like hopping out of bed.  I miss that feeling.

This week, I’ve been eating much better, and feeling very grateful of how after just a few days, my body is responding positively.  Lots of raw stuff.  Lots of good fat – salmon, avocado, almonds.  Simple food.  Nothing rich, nothing processed.

I’m so grateful I can walk down the road and buy produce that is so fresh and varied. That I live in a city with several of what are arguably the best food markets in the country – local fruit and veg, beautiful seafood, anything organic you’d ever want.  We’re so lucky to have such good food on our doorstep, you’d be silly not to make the most of it. 🙂

This post was part of Maxabella’s Saturday gratefulness blog hop!

Alison x


5 responses to “Grateful for real food

  1. Oh Alison I hear you! I hate rice crispies with yoghurt for lunch yesterday because Ben was sleeping and I had such a tiny window of time to eat! Glad to hear you’re looking after yourself better xx

  2. Al, this is a post I need to write for myself too. I try to make each bite as nutritious as possible, but I don’t always focus enough on such things. I often say that if I took care of my own nutrition needs the way I keep a careful eye on my children’s, I wouldn’t have a weight problem and I’d be brimming with health, as they are. Ugh, note to self, my friend… x

    • Yes the kids come first, don’t they… 🙂 I’m a believer that you can have a bit of a weight issue and be healthy, though..often the path to getting thin or being thin is not that healthy. So don’t beat yourself up! x

  3. So funny – I have been thinking about the issue of how to get healthy food on the run recently – I am two days away from the due date for baby number two. I remember after baby number one was born that I was finding making toast a challenge! I’m pretty sure that the key is in the shopping and agree that we should be grateful for the accessibility of healthy food (and I even think Safeway salads count if that’s where you’re at)!

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