Jack-o-Lantern 1, Santa 0

So Halloween is over for another year…and I’m left feeling that I wish we could do it all over again.

It’s an American tradition, yes, and I’m wholly Australian…but nevertheless, I just love Halloween.  And as each year passes – and my two boys get that bit older and can appreciate it more – I’m beginning to like it more than (dare I say it) Christmas.

Granted, there’s no letter, cookies & port left out for Santa, no Christmas tree, presents to unwrap, or Christmas pudding.  And I do adore watching my two excitedly opening their presents on Christmas morning.  Love that.

For me, when it comes to Christmas, it’s mainly the bits that make the kids happy, that are my favourite bits!  As unfortunately, along with Christmas for us comes family pressures.  Even though we try not to, Mr.42 and I feel the need to placate and satisfy other family members’ needs above our own.  So aside from the fun we have with our boys, the family issues put a bit of a dampener on the whole thing.

So you can probably appreciate why I appreciate Halloween as a celebration.  I love all the spooky decorations and costumes – just a whole lot of silliness and simple fun.

Oh, and the kids get things for no real reason, just like at Christmas…it just comes in the form of sugary treats, as opposed to toys!  And best of all, there’s not a family problem to solve in sight.

This year, I outsourced the boys’ costumes – wonderfully easy after last year’s effort of this costume for Mr.5.  Fortunately Mr.5 decided to go mainstream with his choice of costume this year, deciding on a pumpkin.  And since Mr.2 currently wants to do everything his older brother does at the moment, he of course had to be a pumpkin also..

The cutest pumpkins on the planet, hands down

Mr.2 and Mr.5 had a couple of their closest friends over (it ended up being a boys-only event this year) and before heading out, they enjoyed a few Halloween-y treats I made.  I didn’t really plan it too well, as it was sugar, followed by more sugar – but it’s one day a year, right?  We had spider cupcakes, chocolate bats, ghost cookies and green jelly (which was an epic fail, but the kids didn’t know that)

Little mates…look that the anticipation in Mr.5’s eyes!

Mr.2 and his friend (not sure Superman was feeling up to flying on the night)

Then Mr.5 and his friend headed out with us to do some trick-o-treating!  They looked so cute and innocent together.  I’m sure it’s the last time in Mr.5’s life I’ll be able to get him to dress like that, complete with the pumpkin hat.  So I enjoyed the moment. 🙂

Then again, Mr.5 proved to me he’ll do anything for lollies!  He showed no fear, running up paths and knocking on doors, no matter how scary a house’s decorations were.  I suppose that’s to be expected when you hardly get to eat any sweets during the year, and suddenly your Mum says “Let’s go knock on people’s doors and ask them for lollies, and then yes, you can eat them”..

We had lots of kids knocking at our door later.  Is that the cutest witch ever?!

Next year’s Halloween?  It’s going to bigger and better than the last!

Alison x


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