Saturday gratefulness..

A bit of a late entry into Maxabella’s Saturday gratefulness blog hop today…but having been at work for half the day, it couldn’t be helped!

Usually, I feel most grateful for the emotional stuff – family, friends, love, learnings, support.

Which of course, I’m continually grateful for.

But this week, I’m shamelessly grateful for shiny, new, material things.

Not shoes.  (I hate shoe shopping.)  Not clothes or earrings or candles or any girly stuff..something much better!

It’s this beautiful piece of technology, that I’m currently typing at right now:

I even tinkered around with this pic in iPhoto..using the ‘antique’ effect.  Nice, huh?

What I’m grateful for, too, is that it’s now set up in my own space – a tiny room in the house where there now isn’t a Lego car or Batman in sight (not today, anyway).  Instead, I’m slowly filling the room with my own special things:  vintage wooden cheese boxes, aqua Agee fruit jars, Kikki K bits & pieces, a few prints found on Etsy..

A little space all to myself, in a house full of boys?  I think it’s almost a requirement. 🙂

Alison x


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