Batman and blindness

Today, Mr.5, Mr.2 and I spent this morning doing craft activities, including finishing off our Halloween decorations.

I’m a big fan of Halloween – the reasons why, I’ll blog about another time.

Thankfully, around the time we’d run out of black cardboard, the sun came out and it was soon time for lunch.  This was a good thing, as we were all hungry…and I don’t think I could have coped with cutting out one more pumpkin face, while trying to stop Mr.2 from eating Playdoh.

So we piled in the car and headed off to a cafe.  We generally have lunch at home, but it was a “let’s have lunch out somewhere” kind of day today.

Mr.2 was dressed as Batman, complete with cape.  The cafe we decided upon happened to have two sofas along one wall, near where our table was.

While were waiting for our order to arrive, Mr.2 decided that now was the time to test if his cape really worked.  He stood up balancing on the end of one sofa, pointing his finger to the sky, calling out, “Raaarrr, Ba-maaan!”, launching himself off the end and landing face first, then sliding backwards over onto the next sofa (his cape making it extra slippery) and then launching himself off that sofa, back onto the first one.

Fortunately the cafe owners thought it was very amusing, and while I was initially apologetic, they encouraged Batman to keep practicing – and so practice he did.  Until that is, when he caught sight of a catalogue on the next table that was advertising women’s bras & underwear.

“OOOOOH!” he squealed. “I LOVE THE BIG GIRLS…look at the BOOBIES!!”  We then had to review all the women in the catalogue for their boob appeal (Mr.2 appreciating the maternity bras the best).

After a lunch spent almost in total silence, we went for a little walk around the shops before heading back to the car.  It was a busy shopping strip, and Mr.2 delighted in running (flying?) up to strangers, stopping them in his tracks with his magic powers, and screaming “RAAARR…BA-MAAAN” at them.  Some people found this cute and amusing, but some, I could tell, thought it was a little annoying.

That made me chuckle even more.  Those crazy people who don’t adore out-of-control 2-year olds!

Mr.5 had been fairly quiet up until now, well, for him, anyway.  We were almost to the car when we passed an elderly lady, who happened to be swaying while she walked – walking slightly side-to-side.  As she was a rather large lady, it was probably because it was..kind of easier for her to walk that way.

Mr.5 kept on walking.  He must’ve given her some thought though, as he suddenly stopped and turned around to her and me.  “MUM,” he called out loudly, “Mum, why is that lady walking like that?  Is she BLIND?”

I decided not to look back to see if the old lady had heard.

With any luck, she might have been deaf, too.


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