Weekend wonderful

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I feel a need to blog about the weekend just coming to a close, and can’t pinpoint exactly why – except that after the last two days, I’ve been left with that wonderful ”that was a great weekend” feeling!

Even though I had to turn up to work on Saturday morning, it was super quiet, so it didn’t really feel like work…I even got to read the weekend paper. 🙂  It rained most of the day, so Saturday afternoon was one of those afternoons for pottering about and just being together as a family.  When I try to recall what we actually did, we in fact didn’t do much at all.  Exactly why it was nice.

Saturday evening I finally started listing some items on Etsy.  I’m new to Etsy (as a seller, as a buyer I have LOADS of experience) and so I’m finding it a little daunting.  Some seller’s shops are beautifully comprised – the photography & the combination of items for sale.  Almost works of art.  Anyhow, I’ll get there with it and am relieved to have made a start.

This morning, I knew of a huge trash & treasure market out east of Melbourne that I’ve been keen to check out.  It was an 8:00am start out there though, and a good forty minute drive from our place..

I made the decision to go.  I was intending on taking Mr.2 along, but Mr.42 was such a treasure and happily minded the boys while I went.  It was so worth the visit – I made three trips to the car and back while I was there!  You can see some of the things I picked up here.

Later on, Mr.5 and I started work on our Halloween decorations for next week.  I say “work”, because for the next few days there’s going to be some serious effort involved in getting our house looking spooky.  Strings of white paper ghosts now line the hallway.  I was a little shocked at Mr.5’s ability to draw a headless ghost with blood spurting out of its neck..not sure where that imagination came from..but it’s effective, nonetheless.

Soon we’ll add bats, pumpkins, a skeleton, and cobwebs.  (I’d add spiders, but despite knowing they’re plastic, I still scream when I see them.)  We’re big fans of Halloween at our place!

And finally this afternoon, as we were putting broken toys out for a hard rubbish collection next week, I spied a wardrobe down the street someone had put out.  I wandered down to take a look.  It turned out to be a beautiful, hardly scratched, 1930’s old petite gentleman’s wardrobe.  Beautiful curved sides and carved deco feet.  I know when I called Mr.42 over to come & help me shift it, he was thinking, “Oh my God, not more stuff..”, but he swiftly changed his mind when he saw it – it was truly an excellent piece.  And so heavy we could hardly lift it.  But after some much sweating and some swearing, we got it home!! 🙂

Anyhow, I’m off to enjoy what remains of a great weekend.

Did you have a good one?


One response to “Weekend wonderful

  1. I know you both aren’t fans but as our entire country is rugby mad we are having a fabulous one – esp since its a holiday here today too. Loving seeing your shopping finds.

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