(Not my house, but it’s very lovely. Image credit)

Tonight I’m tapping this out as we all sit around the dining table eating dinner..and, if I listen closely, all breathing sighs of relief.

Because we’re all where we want to be.


Yesterday we headed off to Queenscliff for the weekend – mainly to indulge the boys’ love of Thomas the Tank Engine at “Day out with Thomas”, held at Queenscliff station.

And indulge we did – it was great! We met Thomas, Oliver, Henry, Salty, Splodge, and a double-decker Bulgy the bus. There was a jolly Fat Controller with a realistic British accent, who high-fived Mr.5 & Mr.2 to their hearts’ content..

We took a ride along the coastline on Annie, had a bumpy trip on Bulgy, and rode in some troublesome trucks. We went wild on Island of Sodor-themed jumping castles and slides while the kids looked on. We got Thomas pictures to colour in, Thomas stickers and Thomas tattoos..all thrown in!

But then Mr.2 got bitten by a mosquito, and his half his forehead blew up like a balloon.

I was feeling worse for wear thanks to a tummy bug.

Still, we weren’t to be deterred and pressed on. We found a great park overlooking the water to one side, and historic hotels to the other. As the boys played, we watched the sky change..

And then the rain came. Boy, did it ever – and with it came winter, scooting right back across Bass Strait up the shores of Queenscliff where our little cottage sat.

Being mid-October, we didn’t really think to pack for winter.

Then we started to look a little more seriously at Mr.2’s forehead, which wasn’t subsiding. And the only chemist in town was closed.

When he didn’t go down for a much-needed nap, it was time to hit the road!

Despite forfeiting part of our weekend away, none of us fought the idea of getting home.

The boys are in bed now, and it took them all of about sixty seconds to nod off.

Home. Can’t beat it, can you? 🙂


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