I’m grateful for…

Today I’m joining in Maxabella’s Saturday gratefulness link up (it’s been too long)!  Because I’m feeling particularly grateful this morning, for a number of things.

Grateful for my little sportsman:  seeing Mr.5 all dressed up in his Little Athletics uniform today for his first meet at the oval.  I’ll post some photos soon.  He looked so grown up and innocent and cute, all at the same time!  I’m so grateful he is healthy and happy..and that I get to experience those ‘bursting with pride and love’ motherhood moments.

I’m also grateful for the support I have from Mr.42…which has left me today with a feeling I could best describe as floating! 🙂  I am so excited about my new business – that not only does it not feel like work, but that I have a long-term plan for it that fits in perfectly with family life. 

After playing around with several different jobs since the kids were born, it feels wonderful to be in control of my own future, to work for myself..and one day soon, define my own work hours.  I am so grateful of the support and enthusiasm Mr.42 gives me too – that he can ‘see’ my vision as clearly as I can, and is more than happy to let me run with it, see how far I can take things, and support me along the way. 

Finally, I’m feeling grateful for cheesy (but surprisingly sharp-witted) American comedy this morning.  Last night we saw “The Change-Up”, and recently saw “Horrible Bosses”.  We were pissing ourselves laughing.  Who’d have though Jason Bateman would make such a comeback?  Go see them if you need a good laugh!

Alison x


6 responses to “I’m grateful for…

  1. Go you girl! Hope that the new biz takes off and does really well for you. The website looks fab and I’ll be back to check out your stock 🙂

  2. Good luck with your business – I am still figuring out all my details but am in that same territory of following your passion to something self directed.

    I saw the change up recently and laughed my ass off – will have to catch horrible bosses on dvd i think. So many good comedies lately.

  3. My husbie has wanted to see Horrible Bosses… I just might go with him now!

    Off to read your post about your business. I am so admiring of people who go it on their own. It’s wonderful. x

  4. Good for you! Self employment is by no means the easy route… but the rewards are great :o) It’s a real sense of self empowerment. Our wee thing has been running for a few years now and it’s still growing despite the recession. Wad really runs the show now to be honest now that Bubble is here.

    Good luck and best wishes for the new venture! :o)

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