Road trip

So Mr.5 and are back from our little whirlwind trip around the countryside. It was so nice to get away for a bit. See some rolling green hills. Sheep. Dairy cows. And beautiful country towns.

Best of all, I had lots of special time with my eldest, and I honestly feel all the more closer to him for it. Having that time together just the two of us, really strengthened our bond…as completely cheesy as that sounds!

Our long drives were peppered with numerous questions coming from the back seat. Mr.5 is super-inquistive, and travelling to new places took his curiosity to a new level. I think I answered (or attempted to answer) more questions in those four days than I ever have before in my life. Some were hilarious, so I kept a little record of them.

“Is that a forest? Is this drive as long as Apollo Bay? What are all those trucks doing? Why are they building more houses? Is that a kookaburra? Is that a rooster? Is that frost on the window? How does it get on the window? Why are there those lines on the wall? What is that thing around the light? Why does this house have such a big garden and animals? Are we the guests? Which road is this? Where are we going? What’s the place called again? Are there any hamburgers here? Where’s the ghost? Are there big monsters? Why is country water brown? Why are there two fireplaces? Why is this door locked? Are caterpillars smaller than our hand? Are we in a blue house? Why is it colourful inside it? Why are oranges orange? How do the poor people get rice if they don’t have money? Where does that road lead to? How can poor people cut down trees without any swords? Are you a little bit deaf? Why are there two switches on this one light switch? Why are there so many shops with old things in them? Why do you take so long in some old shops? Can you break plastic? When we bought the BMW was Daddy wearing his old glasses? Why aren’t the ducks in the pond? Why is that growing in the river? Why is that rock on top of that fence? Why is there a big field over there? Why is there a forest there?” *

We stayed in a beautiful 130 year old farmhouse just outside Daylesford on our first two nights, before heading to Echuca. We sat in front of the fire together and watched the flames, ate breakfast in the tiny kitchen, checked out the roosters and chickens, and wandered the narrow paths that had been carefully set through two acres of gardens and fields, which Mr.5 loved.

As Mr.5 loves anything that smells nice, we visited Lavendula in Daylesford which was a beautiful place, and we bought enough lavender soap and lavender & rosemary shampoo to last us till Christmas.

We visited lots of towns in the area: Kyneton, Daylesford Malmsbury, Clunes, Hepburn, Trentham..and as we drove north, Bendigo, Castlemaine, Elmore, Rochester & Echuca. I love historic buildings, and Mr.5 exercised a lot of patience as I stopped to snap away…

and more..

After a wander around the Daylesford Sunday market, Mr.5 (who is train obsessed) and I caught the old steam train from Daylesford to Musk.

My little trainspotter

Then up in Echuca, we both saw the Murray for the first time. Sure, it’s a very big, very muddy river. But the very majestic eucalypts and absolute serenity along the riverbank, especially at sunset and sunrise, make it a very special place.

My spot for a morning coffee 🙂

Something that surprised me was how much Mr.5 missed Mr.2, especially considering that when they’re together, there’s much jostling and wrestling and kerfuffles. But in fact, he pined for him. I asked Mr.5 what he missed most about his little brother. “I really miss his laugh”, he said, “and I miss him pushing me.” (That will teach me not to interfere next time they’re attacking each other on the sofa.)

 Mr.5 at the end of our trip. I’d asked for a bigger bed for him, but….

Mr.5, you are one special little travelling companion. I had so much fun being with you, despite you consistently beating me at rock, paper, scissors..and never smiling properly for a photo. You were so good when I just had to visit yet another ‘old shop’…and you even happily listened to all my 80’s and 90’s music in the car, without complaint! You are simply a delight.

Thanks for the memories, my little engine.

Alison x

* An incomplete list


4 responses to “Road trip

  1. Love the “Are there hamburgers here? But my favourite would have to be” Are you a little bit deaf?” so funny! Looks like you had a wonderful time and saw some gorgeous things. I hope it was successful shopping wise too, but thats another post! An idea that was suggested to us, similar to what you have done, is to do trips occasionally ( sometimes one of one) centred around milestone birthdays. Eg camping trip with Dad when you are 10 etc etc. We hope to do this with our boys.

  2. Yes, he cracked me up sometimes! That list was about half the questions he asked..I couldn’t keep up :). Yes, still have to do another post about the shopping bit on the the other blog. I need about 40hours in one day right now. I agree about the ‘special’ milestone trips. A Jewish family I know just celebrated their youngest son’s bar mitzvah, and to mark the occasion the Dad took his son to watch Manchester play in London as a special one-on-one trip to remember! Ours will be on a much smaller scale that that.. but i think definitely worthwhile planning. x

  3. This is inspiring. I will do the same when Bubble is older… can’t wait for her to start talking 🙂

    Have to agree with Megan ‘Are you a little bit deaf?’ cracked me up! 😀

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