I’m heading back into hospital again today.  Although I don’t mind the drugs, I’m over it, well and truly.  I’m thankful it’s nothing serious – just women’s stuff – but due to a bit of (costly) trial & error by my specialist, I have to return again.

As a result of this recent experimentation, I’ve been feeling very out of balance, physically, these past couple of months.  And I know it’s going to take a good couple of months to get that balance back…to feel like my old self.

At the same time, I’ve reached the point where I’m starting to dislike my morning caffeine fix.  Which is a real shame, as I love everything about coffee.  It’s an injustice to live in Melbourne and not have decent coffee at least once a day.

But when that happens, I know it’s time for more green tea instead, regular exercise at sunrise, especially now it’s warmer, lots of raw food…and 9pm bedtimes.

A few weeks of dedication and extra sleep, and I know I’ll feel like me again.

How do you maintain your balance?


10 responses to “Balance

  1. Hope all goes well today. I get the whole out of sorts thing, and I also cut the caffeine, eat clean, go to the gym and night and then straight to bed. Works for me. If you’re interested Sarah Wilson has just released an ‘I quit sugar’ ebook that you can download from her blog/website. I’ve been interested in her approach for a while now. Will download it tonight, $10 worth spending methinks. Anyway, hope all goes well and you are resting up. xx

    • Did go well, thanks, though very groggy. Trouble is I already eat really well, but the caffeine’s got to go for a while. And lots more running along our beautiful foreshore at sunrise! Hard to get up so early but always worth it. x

  2. Sorry to hear you are back again at the docs. Hope it all goes well. Usually my balance means more me time, away from anything electronic. Time in the outdoors seems to be required too – a walk along a beach preferably but a bush walk is great too.


  3. I hope you start to feel better and get some balance in your life soon. I’ll be reading these comments carefully to see if I can get some balance back in my life.

  4. I decided to try jogging a fee months back. I’ve always wanted to run but never tried it. When I started out I could barely make 100m before slowing to a walk. Now I’m doing a few mms a day – first thing in the morning. I love it! Not only has my cardio fitness improved, but I’m leaner and more toned. The biggest surprise however was the changes to my mental health too. I feel positive, can think more clearly and generally have a sense of well-being. Jogging and the commitment to it has really brought balance.

  5. Oh! And I really hope all goes well for you today Alison! Glad to hear it’s not a serious issue, but still, it’s never fun if it warrants a hospital stay. Looking forward to hearing that all is well! 🙂

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