Boobs & bums

When do kids start noticing the opposite sex in *that* sort of way, I wonder? For me, I think it was around age 10. Surge of hormones in the lead-up to adolescence perhaps..

Well, I’m not sure what the norm is, but my boys seem to have already decided their taste in women. And they are very definite about their choices. At age 5 and 2, and without, I swear, any influence from Mum & Dad.

Mr.5 recently declared he likes ”younger girls” with ”cute bums”. He has a girlfriend, Ava, who he thinks has a “cute little bum”. Although, I don’t think he’s quite ‘got’ it yet: the other day, I helped him out of the bath and he caught sight of his naked self in the mirror and did a few poses, looking rather pleased with himself. “Mum,” he said, “maybe I should marry myself.” “Why?” I asked. “Because I’m young…and I have a cute bottom!” Thankfully, he seems to still have a way to go before he understands the reasons for marrying..

Mr.2 however, has told us he likes ”big girls” (big as in older – ranging from age 5 – 25), with ”big boobies”. I don’t know why this is. Lack of being breastfed for a decent amount of time perhaps?

Despite still being in nappies, Mr.2 is even more vocal about the girls he likes than his brother. Random girls we pass in the street, at the park…girls he spots outside their houses, or walking home from school. He’s constantly on the lookout, especially when we pass by the school gate. When he spots one he likes, he shouts out to them “I want to kiss the big girl!”. This can get a little awkward, as usually the girl doesn’t quite understand why a two year old is desperate to kiss her.

At childcare, Mr.2 actively pursues the older girls in the playground – although he’s a little limited there, the oldest being 4. As we’re walking in, I ask what he’s going to do today and always get the same reply – “going to kiss the big girls!”. (Sophie, the eldest, is his regular target.)

Recently, we used the bathrooms in a recreational centre, and there were about ten teenaged girls getting changed. Mr.2 walked in and couldn’t believe his luck. My little man just stood there, with a look on his face beyond his years. Fortunately for him they all thought he was super cute, so he got all the kisses and cuddles his little heart desired. I literally had to drag him outside.

Mr.2 has a wonderful quality about him. He is very affectionate, and loves skin. When I am out of the shower, if he’s around, he comes up and rubs my legs and says ”I looove the skin”! He is naturally touchy-feely and loves his cuddles. I think it’s a lovely trait for a boy to have.

At least we seem to know early on what our boys’ preferences are – Mr.5’s a bottom man, Mr.2’s into boobs. I am determined, however, that they’ll also learn to appreciate personalities along the way!

Alison x


4 responses to “Boobs & bums

    • Funny, Mr.5 seems to have picked up on when a girl does or doesn’t like him and has already come home a couple of times in a bit of a huff, saying “She doesn’t like me anymore, Mum”! I think with Mr.2, it’s a phase, surely, at his age and he’s very affectionate. This morning I asked him why he likes the big girls, and he said ”soft…I like the soft.” – meaning soft skin! Little tender soul.

  1. “Soft” how lovely…Have you heard of the book Love Languages? Its about the different ways people prefer to have love expressed. For some touch is apparently their main connection for others its spending time together etc. I think there are 7 or so Love Languages. Perhaps Mr 2 has Touch as his primary love language. I know my friends little boy is like this and he always wants to touch your face, skin etc, its very lovely.

    • You are probably right about him having a strong need for touch as opposed to other senses..which I love, I just hope when he’s a teenager and peer group pressure gets to him, that he doesn’t lose his affectionate nature altogether..

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