This way and that

I’m getting to be one lazy blogger. I’m yet to know the secret to blogging religiously. I’ve read planning is the key..and writing a chunk of posts in one hit, then scheduling them out. But I most enjoy blogging about something when the thought or event is fresh.

Another reason for my blogging absence is that it’s warmer here, so more sunny days means the less inclined I am to sit and write.

Life just seems to be moving so quickly, too, at the moment. Mr.5 has started his primary school orientation program, and next month, begins Little Athletics (his first sports uniform!). We couldn’t drag him away from the hurdles last weekend on sign-up day. Mr.2 is just one solid little bundle of energy from 7am to 7pm, most days now stubbornly telling me, “no nap today Mummy”. No rest for the wicked.

And in addition to my regular job, I’m still busy setting up a little business on the side, which I am feeling very nervous about now. Not sure why I’m feeling nervous, but I suppose I really have put my heart into it and know it’s going to be hard work to built it up…to something big enough, at least, so I can quit my other job in a couple of years.

I think with the recent realization that Mr.42 and I have to care for the kids without local family support, makes me put additional pressure on myself: my own business would allow me to be at the school gate every day, instead of having to comply with someone else’s office hours. And I really, really want to be at that school gate everyday. Anyhow, putting a bit of pressure on oneself isn’t always a bad thing..

All that aside, I’m already feeling a little emotional at times about Mr.5 going off to school next year, so in a couple of weeks I’m heading around country Victoria with him – just the two of us. I can’t wait. For a few days at least, he doesn’t have to compete to get my attention, and I can answer his many, many questions without rushing. I’ve planned lots of time each day to allow us to turn off the main road and explore towns we’ve both never been to before. And he will definitely get icecream with topping at every restaurant we have dinner at πŸ™‚

Anyhow, hope you’re doing a better job at blogging – and juggling life – than I am right now!

Till next time, Alison x


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