I miss this blog. More accurately, I miss blogging wholly, rather than quick snippets of day-to-day. I haven’t been around to do it proper justice lately, because I’ve been too busy creating another blog.

But I don’t want to let go of this one just yet.

Mainly because it holds lots of memories and photos of my family…little stories I wanted to record so I didn’t forget.

You see, forgetting is of concern to me.

My Grandmother forgot everything in the end – like a lot of the elderly do, I know. But it was devastating to watch. I think that was at the back of my mind when I first created this blog.

Genetically, I seem similar to her – so far, anyway. When she was 90, she was in physically perfect condition (for a 90 year old). When she was admitted to the nursing home, her final place of residence, the first question they asked my Dad was, “so what medications is she taking?” She wasn’t taking a single tablet.

Her name was Elsa, by the way.

So Elsa was physically doing ok…it was the mental side that was in decline.

And it was very sudden. It almost seemed like overnight that she couldn’t recall who we were. Couldn’t remember who her son was, my Dad, when he visited.

Which brought him to tears.

One of those moments you remember.

Elsa was always wrapt to see us – such friendly faces visiting, though not knowing who we actually were. “Hello! Who are you?” she’d ask me. “Alison, your granddaughter. Don’t you remember?”

No, she didn’t. And although she didn’t remember much about her life in the end, she was happy within herself. Which I think is the most important thing.

At least, I’d like to think it is!

I don’t think about it very often. But I do easily forget things, and for now, put it down to the busyness of life.

Because I know it’s a long way off till I hit 90.

Until then, in a very small way, I consider this blog my safety net.

We all blog for different reasons.

What’s yours?

Alison x


4 responses to “Memories

  1. I’m blogging to chronicle a journey where I learn to be single again. I’ve been somebody’s somebody for over half my life. Now I’m learning how to just be me…especially now that most of my kids are in their 20’s.

  2. I definitely relate to these sentiments of memory and recording life. When I started blogging, I went through a period where I used to print off all the posts and put them in a file, thinking what if we lose the internet in the future and none of this will be truly recorded? When I look through my great grandmother’s old journals and letters, I wonder what will be left of my generation? So I am trying to record those little things in paper journals too. But I’m afraid all that day-to-day family news of my generation will be lost to email folders for our grandchildren to find.

    Why do I blog? To connect the creativity of my thought and personal life to the people I see face-to-face. I want the people I briefly encounter at work or in social situations to be able to learn about the depth that is behind my sometimes shy or busy exterior.

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