Pegs vs playrooms

Yesterday Mr.2 & I played the peg game.  I put the pegs on him, he takes them off.

On, off.  On, off.  On, off.

On, off.

Another little outdoor game that costs zip.

Aside from the usual outdoor toys like the trampoline, soccer balls, bikes and scooters, a section of gravel in the backyard is a ‘quarry’ for well-worn dump trucks and cars.  The boundary fences are also used for climbing along, even Mr.2 (who is two going on six), resulting in a few bruises.  They’re happy just hanging off the fences, picking flowers off trees, then dropping down to hide behind bushes.  In the dirt, of course.

Ah, dirt.  The digging.  Mud pies.  Each week they take dirt to a new level.  This week, smearing mud all over their bodies and faces like they were camouflaging themselves for combat.  Mr.5 finding a old crumbling rock and excitedly announcing “it’s a lump of dried blood from a DINOSAUR!!!”

Moving inside our house, there’s this room that, oddly enough, we call the playroom.  A small room that was originally designed to be a study, but currently houses a myriad of multi-coloured, made in China toys that rarely get played with, if you compare it to the time my boys play outside.  Perhaps it’s a boy thing?

They do have their favourite indoor toys.  Trains.  Lego.  Blocks.  Buckets of Matchbox cars (worth their weight in gold).  Any art and craft stuff – Mr.5 loves drawing, Mr.2 still enjoys the salty flavour of Playdoh.  Lots and lots of books.

And so I have made a decision.  Perhaps a little selfishly, but one I’m confident is based on sufficient evidence.

Before the year is out, the playroom is going back to its roots:  a study room, without a Mr.Potatohead or Buzz Lightyear in sight.

A grown up’s room, with a lovely old desk and a lamp and some wall art..and perhaps an upholstered chair, if the budget permits (or maybe if Santa pays me a visit). 

And being the only female in our house, I’m thinking serious oestrogen-inspired decor – white walls, a white desk, and perhaps something pink.  Just for a change. 

Every girl needs a little haven of their own, right?


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