To the future


Friday arvo here, and I’m squeezing in a post while the boys scoot & bike ride around the house, after a lovely afternoon together at the park.

It’s almost 5pm, but you wouldn’t know it – with a warm perfumed breeze in the air, and not the slightest sign of a sunset yet.

And I’m feeling extra happy right now, because I’m super-pleased about the job I’ve carved out for myself.

Not the day job.

The day job was never going to be enough.  Never ever.

No, something creative.  I’ve had a small business before, but it wasn’t creative (think spreadsheets and project work).

This however is something I love.  I’ve always wanted a creative occupation.

I toyed with the idea of writing, but frankly, I don’t have the patience.  I like immediate results.

I considered baking – but in order to cook commercially, you pretty much need a commercial kitchen. It’s not just a case of baking a cake or two and selling it anymore. There’s a lot of food safety-related requirements you have to meet.

I’ve been buying and selling vintage stuff (signs, homewares, furniture) for ages now.  But not with any real intent behind it; it was always just a hobby.  Recently though, I decided to start investing my profits back into buying more.  And it’s working.

I’m happy to make 100% profit, as a minimum. But quite often, I make three, four five times what I paid.  If I’m lucky, ten times more.

And I love it!

I also have a lovely girl in the US who’s currently designing a WordPress blog for me for my new site. Watch this space 🙂

I’m not sure how I’ll manage blogging personally, and also on my new blog, for business purposes.

I’m not sure how I’ll juggle the day job, plus my little business, and the kids, either (although I’ve been doing it for months now, so I’m feeling ok about it).

All I know is, I’ll figure it out.

‘Cause that’s just what we do, right? 😉


2 responses to “To the future

  1. Go you!!!!! Am glad you have found something you love. I look forward to seeing your new blog – big things to come! Where do you buy your purchases from mainly? Lots of our second hand shops seem to be $$$ now! Also on a diff note have you discovered Pintrest yet? I am totally obsessed. If you have let me know your username and I’ll friend you! Have an awesome weekend.

  2. Hi Megan, I buy my stuff online or vintage markets or second hand shops – but I haggle 😉 and there’s certain places that still don’t mark stuff up too much. I’m planning a weekend of buying in country VIC in the next couple of months. Have never seen Pinterest but had a look at the front page…not sure i get it…will have to dig deeper. Noticed the pic of Ryan Reynolds though! 😀

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