It’s Spring!

I’m still not in the mood for much musing on the blog. But today begs a little blog post as today it is, finally, at last, wonderfully, fabulously, SPRING!

Oh yes, so long Melbourne winter 2011!

And it so happens that on this first day of Spring, I had a couple of hours free to myself before I headed into work..

So I found myself indulging in a little retail therapy (along with the Father’s Day shopping of course. Wouldn’t forget the Dads).

And bought not one, but two dresses.

Now I don’t think I’ve ever bought two dresses on the same day in my life. I’m a jeans girl to the core. I don’t even own a skirt.

But there’s something about Springtime and the promise of sunny days ahead that gets me looking at dresses. Being in my mid-thirties now too, it’s high time I grew up a little and donned a frock occasionally!

(Plus I have a wedding to go to soon, so I had a valid excuse.)

So, what did I bring home?

This super-casual linen/cotton one for $35..



And this dress by Leona Edminston for, ummm, a tad more than $35 *cough* but I adore it. And for a chronic jeans-wearer, that’s really something. It has such a great cut and I love the vintage-inspired fabric with its navy background. I love anything navy blue.



This second one I’ll team with some tan peep toe heels I have & a clutch for the wedding…but it can definitely double as a day dress with flats.

Two dresses in one day. Who’d have thought?

Alison x


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