The weekend project

This weekend, aside from a 5th birthday party to go to tomorrow, we don’t have much else planned. Yay! It’s looking like the rain should hold off too. So this weekend I’m hoping to finish painting this.


It’s a old shadow box for the wall – one of my vintage finds for Mr.5’s room. Original circular wall shelves like these pretty hard to come across (I’m quite sure this is a retro one from the 60’s, mainly because of the teak veneer).

Ages ago I came across this, made here in Victoria by Bride & Wolfe, and liked its quirky and unique design:


But at the time, my budget didn’t extend to $390 for a wall shelf.

And now? Well, my budget still doesn’t extend to $390 for a wall shelf. So happy was I when I came across an original retro one, for the bargain price of $20! A steal in my opinion, but it was pretty rough when I bought it. I’ve removed the chipped veneer layer on the outer circle, filled a few small areas and given it a good sanding. Now finally it’s ready to paint.

There’s still time to decide on the final colour while I apply the primer.

It’s going to be hung on a white wall…so, which colour? I’ve narrowed it down to two.

Either a bright mustard yellow..






Or, turquoise..





Love these kinds of projects!

Have a great weekend,

Alison x


7 responses to “The weekend project

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  2. could you combine the turquoise and yellow somehow? like primarily turquoise, with a hidden pop of yellow if you look from just the right place? very cool shelf!!

  3. Hi and thanks for the suggestion..I’m still considering it because I picked up an old wardrobe this week I’m considering repainting (ironically though it is turquoise already!) but I’ll post the end result. Yes it is a really great piece 🙂

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