In with the old, out with the new

Lately I’ve been acquiring new furniture for Mr.5’s room.  Now I’ve got most of it, I’m going to start doing it up piece by piece.  When I say ‘new’ furniture, it’s actually all old vintage pieces I’ve collected that need a bit of work. 

I know it would be easier to go to a furniture store and just buy new stuff.  But I can’t do it.  Our house will never look like something out of a Freedom catalogue.  I just love vintage furniture too much!  I only hope that by the time I’m finished, Mr.5 likes vintage things too..

As Mr.5’s furniture has cost me a pittance so far, this week I splurged on a vintage metal sign for his room.  Mr.5 has been long-obsessed with trains and has asked for a train-themed room.  I’m not going all commercial (eg. Thomas the Tank engine), but want to add a few pieces that hopefully he won’t grow out of too quickly and will appreciate as he gets older. 

Vintage train and railway signs are hard to come by and authentic ones aren’t cheap…but I found this in a little French Etsy store:

Authentic metal plate of French train, car 12, Strasbourg.

It translates to ‘car 12’, off car 12 from an old train going to Strasbourg (so the story goes..hopefully it’s the truth!  At least I know the sign is authentic, not a repo). 

I like it as it’s red, and red is going to be a dominant colour in Mr.5’s room.  It’s also quite striking and simple.

Other things I’m considering for his room are a print or photographic illustration of a New York subway train, a collection of train tickets from other countries that I’ll frame myself (if we’re going to do trains, we may as well broaden Mr.5’s mind and go international!)…and a big metal vintage ‘J’ if I can find one for a decent price (J is for James).

Then there are these two cushions that I can’t decide between.  So I might just have to get them both..

The ‘Earth pillow’ by Hugg-A-Planet (geographically accurate)

or the Melbourne metro transport cushion by Make Me Iconic :

iconic transport cushion

Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed.  Following this, there’s Mr.2’s room….

It’s a very slow work in progress, but I love it!

Alison x


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