Dreaming of the Big Apple

I have a new favourite shop that’s opened near my place.

Not a clothing store. I’m a bit over the whole clothes shopping thing.

Not a shoe store (boring!)

And no, it’s not even a homewares or stationery shop like Typo or Kikki K – although I do love those types of stores.

This is a shop on a whole new level.

Where everything it houses is just perfect.

One of a handful of shops that I’ve been into in my life, taken a look around, and thought, “yes, yes, I want it ALL.”

Everything is smooth and silvery and sleek, and just so beautiful I want to touch it all.

And then there’s the sales staff. They’re young, but with not a smidgen of attitude..and their smiles are genuine! Gasp!

That’s because they too know what they’re selling is smooth and sleek and beautiful – and they love it all too.

The shop is even named after my favourite fruit.

Yes, a brand spanking new Apple store is now only a 5 minute drive from my house!

I love my iPhone, and I really like my iPad2 that I treated myself to for my birthday.

But now I can’t help myself: I’m dreaming of an iMac Pro, with a big 27inch screen, sitting atop a vintage desk painted white with space for a vase of flowers, lovely stationery and Kikki K folders. Maybe a turquoise & white polkadot office chair from Freedom, an old Bentwood chair off to the side to stack books on..



All I need to make this a reality is reclaim the kids’ playroom, and scrounge up $2,299 for the iMac. But what’s life without dreams, right?

Are you dreaming of a space for yourself at your place?

Alison x


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