Grumpy bum.


Unfortunately I’m suffering from a case of grumpy bum syndrome today. In fact I probably shouldn’t be blogging – I don’t like bringing any negativity to my little space of the web. So if you don’t want to read what will essentially be a whinge, click away now!

I’m grumpy because it’s cold again – that damp wintery cold, grey skies, drizzle. I am SO over winter now and am getting tired of being teased every few days with the smell of Spring. It’s starting to drive me nuts.

The boys are unwell again. We’ve had our fair share of coughs and colds this season. Mr.5 I’d classify as OK, as he just has a persistent cough after his last bout of the flu.

But Mr.2 must have picked up a bug over the weekend, as he vomited in his cot at 4.30am this morning. And lately he seems to only want me, not Mr.42, despite generally being more a daddy’s boy.

Probably in part as they aren’t 100%, the boys have been fighting like cat & dog as well. This is a fairly new thing for us – ever since Mr.2 has learnt to stick up for himself, little mini WW3s can occur over anything & everything: “no, I wanted that yellow pencil, not THAT one!!”.

(They’re both yellow, both pencils. Both yellow. Both pencils!!)

There are times, I’ll admit, when it feels like I’ve given birth to two tasmanian devils. Of course all siblings argue, but as we’re only just starting to get a taste of it now between our two, it’s taking a bit of getting used to. While I know it’s good to try and step back and let them work it out themselves (building social and negotiation skills!), there are other times where “time out” includes me sending myself for time out too.

Oh and last night, I had a lemon tart fail. Major fail.

Note for next time – don’t make a lemon curd tart with biscuit base, always stick with pastry.

There’s only one solution to all this, with the exception of escaping to a day spa or eating a block of Lindt – and that is, reviewing my iTunes playlists and hitting the pavement. Hopefully then I’ll be back to the one on the left in the picture above, not the one on the right.

(And visiting – free therapy and it seriously works, I guarantee it!)

Alison x


One response to “Grumpy bum.

  1. Ah you are entitled to an off-day – every parent is! Im worrying about your weather chat though – Im coming back to Melbourne for my sisters wedding next week so it better clear up quick smart! x

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