This is my Mr.2’s current smile for the camera.  We call it his ”cheesies”.

Mr.2 is growing fast.  He’s a little conversationalist now, taking great care to describe things in detail: “Daddy’s going to find’s in the car..outside.”  “I want a Matchbox car..the blue that red bucket.”

Mr.2 is also the most affectionate little boy.  He loves to lay his head on my shoulder, snuggle up close on the sofa..and loves cuddles with me or Daddy in the ‘big bed’.

As he snuggles in close, he gives me an eskimo kiss – which he thinks is funny, as it tickles his nose.  Then he looks at me with his big brown eyes, his nose still pressed against mine, and says ”I love you!” with such such feeling and tenderness.

So delightful and perfect.

Moments to treasure.


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