The older I get, the more I cherish them.

Before having kids, I was Miss Spontaneity.  There were lots of weekends away, planned last-minute.  Just hopping in the car and heading to the countryside.  Different restaurants & bars each weekend.  Big summer road trips up and down the coast, choosing whichever turn off took our fancy…

There’s no denying that having kids, especially while they’re young, limits your ability to be spontaneous.

But conversely, since the kids came along, I’ve also discovered I love certain little rituals I have.  I still enjoy being spontaneous at times…but there’s something very comforting in the predictability of routine.

One of my favourite daily rituals is tea – lots of it.  There is nothing better than a hot cup of english breakfast or green tea, served in big mug and enjoyed without interruption (and ideally with a good book).

On the weekend, I managed to pop into my local T2 store and found the best, hugest mug ever!  It’s not fancy, like this fellow blogger’s favourite cup from T2.

But it’s effective – fitting two cups of tea into the one mug.  Their english breakfast is lovely too.

Some other simple rituals I can’t live without?

* Starting the day with green tea

* A weekly bubble bath

* Lighting candles each evening

* Having fresh flowers somewhere in the house, even if it’s daisies from the backyard

* Baking something sweet at least once a week

* My nightly dessert of frozen raspberries and two squares of dark chocolate (yes, the same thing every night)

* Watching Escape to the Country on Friday and Sunday nights – daggy perhaps, but I just love that show!

*A hot milky english breakfast tea at bedtime.

* Spoons with Mr.42 – I don’t sleep properly when he’s away.

Homely, yes?

What are your favourite rituals?


5 responses to “Rituals.

  1. I’m with you on the escape to the country on friday and sunday, that is a ritual of mine. I would also like to add the weekly bubble bath but unfortunately we currently live in a house where the bath is too small

  2. I guess mine would have to be listening to my iPod while walking aimlessly at least once every day and I must have some sort of fruit juice at around late afternoon/early evening xD

  3. Tea is DEFINITELY one of my favourite little rituals too! I also love rituals like meeting friends for coffee at our favourite cafe, going for a run, reading a brand new magazine, and watching DVD’s in bed (with a cup of tea, of course!) xxx

    PS Thanks for linking to my blog! 🙂

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