This week I’m grateful for…

Today I’m joining in Maxabella’s Saturday Gratefulness link up, because what’s not to be grateful for this week?

Sun – three days straight of lovely warm weather…Spring is so tantalisingly close!

Surprises – receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers as a birthday gift from a friend.

Healthcare – having access to arguably the best Ob/Gyn and anaesthetist in Melbourne.  I’m having a minor op on Monday, and although it’s not my preferred way to spend a Monday, I’m grateful to have the best in the field available to me.

Vintage finds – $25 for a Deco table with carved bakelite handle, now a bedside table.  $10 for another table, $19 for an solid oak bookcase, $24 for a vintage school desk with inkwell.  Only mildly obsessed with finding old vintage pieces to strip back and upcycle.  Who needs IKEA? 🙂

Sorting the juggle – Mr.42 and I have devised a schedule for work & kids with no other help needed.  Mr.42 is also enjoying having a half-day now when I work, seeing the boys that bit more.  I’m grateful for the support, and the feeling you get knowing we can do it on our own.

Friends – Continually grateful for friends close by who just ‘get’ you, with whom there’s no pretences or niceties required.  Friends who bother to listen to my silly rants and respond graciously.  Friends far away who manage to feel like they could be next door. 

Near misses – Mr.5 swinging on a chain fence, flipping over and landing on the concrete…but fortunately not splitting his head open like his friend did last week.

Little boys – grateful for moments where my boys show me they are still innocent and little – moments that are becoming rarer.  Like when Mr.2 wants cuddles in the big bed…and how Mr.5 still calls fizzy drink ‘fuzzy drink’.  Grateful they haven’t grown up completely yet!

What are you grateful for this week?


10 responses to “This week I’m grateful for…

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  2. Lots and lots to be grateful for… and a fellow early-Augie birthday maker? Happy birthday!

    And those ‘near misses’ – ALWAYS grateful for those!! x

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