Oops I did it again

Not quite

Every Thursday I have exactly six whole hours all to myself.

Today is Thursday.

Four of those hours have already passed and I’m only just sitting down to blog.

This wouldn’t be an issue for me at all – except that usually the day before, I envisage my six hours of alone time to be spent with a latte and the paper at the cafe, followed by a spot of shopping..then come home and catch up on my blogging, while sipping copious hot cups of tea and keeping an eye on a batch of cookies in the oven.

Uh huh.

Why do I do this to myself every week?  Because I am an eternal optimist…and am clearly developing the memory of a goldfish.

Here’s what today actually consisted of.  (I am blogging this not just for interest’s sake, but because I actually need to re-read this next Wednesday evening to remind myself.)

Drop the boys off at their respective schools.  Went to Medicare.  Although had the receipt, also needed the invoice to claim refund.  Went to Safeway – not my usual supermarket, so ran aimlessly up & down aisles until finally finding someone to ask.  Went to chemist.  Grabbed a takeaway latte on the way home.  Wondered what a big group of guffawing older SAHMs with primary school age kids would do for the rest of the day.  (What do they do all day?)

Got home and put groceries away.  Put load of washing on.  Took washing off line.  Noticed boys’ scooters and bikes outside and storm clouds overhead, so packed away toys.  Spent twenty minutes in vain trying to re-screw the front door knocker back on.  Neighbour spotted me and wanted a chat.  (You’re lovely, but not now!)  Answered phone calls from health fund, hospital, boss.  Put the garbage out.  Hung load of washing out.  Noticed dust on skirting boards and proceeded to wipe skirting boards down entire hallway.  Got carried away with dusting.  Got annoyed at myself for getting carried away with pointless dusting.  Peeled & chopped mass pile of veges for stew for dinner.  Unstacked the godforsaken dishwasher.  (That dishwasher gets me everytime, just when I think I’m finished!).

Saw flowering daphne outside and some would be nice inside.  Spent 15 minutes arranging daphne in little vases.  Carried old flowers outside and some dropped on the ground.  Noticed floor dirty.  Swept floor.  Suddenly realised going out tonight.  Mad panic to decide on outfit.  Texted babysitter to confirm.  Cleaned loo for babysitter’s benefit.  Made mental note to buy something sweet for babysitter this afternoon:  I should have baked that batch of cookies after all!

But who knows, next Thursday, I might be able to stick to the original plan!

Yep – faultless optimism, memory like a sieve.

Do you stick to your best-laid plans?


2 responses to “Oops I did it again

  1. I usually have the opposite problem whenever I have a day off. I’ll plan to do about 15 different important things I’ve been putting off, and then when it gets to my day, I usually end up putting off all my tasks, until I realize 5 hours have passed and all I have to show for it is a bunch of blogs I’ve read and a hearty breakfast I’ve eaten. At least you were productive, even though it wasn’t what you’d planned!

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