Waiting for the sun

After my last post, it’s probably not a bad idea to blog about the weather. 🙂

Yesterday was always going to be one of my favourite days.  Because yesterday, Spring arrived in Melbourne!

We smelt it – the scent of new flowers in the air, at last.

We saw it – Mr.5 and I seeing how many of the first flowering cherry blossoms we could find.  Spotting our first daffodil in the front yard.

And felt it – proper sun that warms your bones; that first glorious day where it gets too hot to wear a jumper…

I just love, love, love this change of season!

Yes there’s still a month of winter still to go, but I’m choosing to ignore that fact.  I’m already onto dreaming of two whole seasons of wearing t-shirts & thongs, sunny days at the beach, springtime flowers, picnics at the park, morning walks in the sunshine, mangoes, peaches, seafood BBQs, daylight savings…

Cannot wait!

What are you most looking forward to next season?


11 responses to “Waiting for the sun

  1. Wish we could eat more Australian mangoes! they are about $9 each here, though I occasionally spot one on special with blemishes for $4 or so and snap it up, nothing like them in the world! I can’t wait for my spring flowers to bloom in my garden, particularly the dark burgundy tulips and the cherry blossoms at Cornwall park – we take pics under them every year. And daylight savings so we can start our picnics at the beach every Sunday night – just ebs out the weekend just that little bit more. And picking strawberries and tomatoes from my garden, eating them warm from the sun.

  2. Great post, the first signs of spring are amazing.
    Whilst spring is emerging in australia, here in britain, summer is powering through its last weeks, giving us some decent sunshine and warmth (not really associated with britain) and soon autumn will be upon us. So when you and those south of equator are stripping off, us up north will be layering up. I’m looking forward to donning jeans, a vest top with a cardi and a fabulous scarf and crunchng through the fallen leaves. And when autumn melts into winter, I’ll look forward to the frosty mornings with brilliant sunshine, showing up the dew on the grass

  3. Beautiful photo! Here in Northern Califorina, the weather is a bit confused, it’s supposed to be Summer, but feels like Spring and even a little like Fall some days. I am still looking forward to Summer, if Mother Nature ever decides to warm things up 😉

  4. My daughter and I spent some time down in Mornington yesterday and it was so lovely to be able to eat lunch el fresco! The sunshine really lifted our spirits.

  5. for me it will being able to take the kids to the park and not worry about if the equipment is wet or muddy or having to ensure they have their thickest coat and beanie’s on. Along with taking the heat from my husband when they get sick because it was my fault for taking them outside in the cold in the first place. 🙂
    Both my kids spent a good 4 hours outside yesterday and they both slept like logs last night it was GREAT!

  6. I’m hearing you..every second day I remind Mr.5 that soon he’ll only have to put three items of clothing on – undies, shorts and t-shirt (“isn’t that great? Won’t it be great?!”) I am so over the mud, the jackets, the beanies, the runny noses, the coughs!

  7. It’s so strange to me that you’re emerging from winter! Where I live, in Virginia, on the east coast of the US, we’ve been experiencing ridiculously hot weather. Heat indexes in the 90s and 100s every day! I miss spring–probably my favorite season with all those blooming flowers and all that excitement for the upcoming weather.

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