Here’s to letting go

I tend not to blog about things that are particularly personal or emotional – things that get under my skin.  For the most part, I think a blog is best kept a little like everyday life – lighthearted, enjoyable, focusing on the positives and minimising or ignoring the negatives.

And I like to reserve this space for happy memories, thoughts and moments.

The reality is, we all have emotional stuff we have to deal with.  I just prefer not to write about it.

But then, there’s moments when you need to write about a feeling so you can shake it off.

So here’s the feeling I need to shake off.

Sometimes I wonder if people realise how much I give of myself.

How much I gave of myself:  wholeheartedly, openly and honestly.

Without limitation.

It would be nice to get acknowledgement for that, some appreciation, I suppose.

Sometimes just a simple acknowledgement can help us move on.

To shake off that feeling, once and for all.

But if acknowledgement and appreciation don’t come, then there’s only one solution.  Oh yes, I know there’s only one other option.  The option that puts the onus back on me.

To make the conscious decision to move on and let go.

So, as I have no other choice, here’s to letting go…and relishing what’s worthwhile, valuable and most important in life.

Au revoir.


4 responses to “Here’s to letting go

  1. Well said. I too prefer to seek out positives and draw joy into my life. Still, acknowledging hurt feelings and giving voice to our needs frees us of the burden of negative thoughts. Life is an intricate balance and it seems you know this.

  2. Thank you for this, I can relate on so many levels! Letting go is so difficult, I wish you nothing but the best! 🙂

  3. Hi Alison! Happy Birthday for today, I hope you have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend with your family celebrating. I hope all is well – yes it is a shame when your efforts are not recognised or even acknowledged. Especially when it is coming from the heart. If only we all spent a bit more time on positive rather that negative reinforcement, then the world would be a better, more positive and happy place! However, I am a firm believer in ‘The more you give, the more you get’ so I am hoping that karma has been good to you and will be in the future. Love Tash xxx

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