Mid-thirties? Bring it on

Oh goodness me, how exciting.

It’s my birthday tomorrow!

With the boys’ birthdays and countless kids parties to go to lately, I’d almost forgotten about my own.

Yep, on Wednesday I’ll be officially in my mid-thirties.  Thirty-five candles to blow out this year!

Do I sound a little too happy about that fact?  Well, it’s because I am genuinely happy about it.  For me, being thirty-five feels just right.

Maybe it’s because this past year I’ve taken some time to reflect on life (something I hadn’t really done since having Mr.5) and feel I’ve matured a great deal because of it.  I haven’t figured everything out yet, but accept that with time, things will unfold as they should.  Maybe that’s an indication of my maturity right there 😉

Being this age, I have the best of both worlds: young enough to still feel young – OK young-ish, most days anyway – but with a wiser head on my shoulders.

And I’m now comfortable in my own skin.  I don’t dissect my body into parts to critique, but appreciate its strength and what I’ve been capable of physically. No doubt I have more flaws than I did when I was 20 – but think I look better now! (Oh, the irony.) Perhaps that acceptance and confidence only comes with age.

Above all, I just feel content with my ‘lot’ in life, and the older I get, the more blessed I feel. Family, friends, simple pleasures, enjoying the present day. That’s what’s important and I feel grateful to understand that.

The birthday plans are simple – a cake at work tomorrow, then on the weekend, breakfast at a cafe with hubby and the boys. I’m making my own birthday cake – banana cake, a little indulgence given the price of bananas! After breakfast on Saturday, I have the gift of FREEDOM for a few hours…ooh, where shall I head?

So, no fancy parties for me like the photo above this year. I might have a gorgeous garden party when I turn the big 40. I suspect I may need cheering up that year!

Alison xx


8 responses to “Mid-thirties? Bring it on

  1. Advanced Happy Birthday! It’s always nice to reflect and realize that you like where you’re at. Enjoy your hours of freedom on Saturday!

  2. Happy birthday, lovely lady!!! So happy to hear you’re happier than ever at this stage of your life. I hope you’re having a beautiful day, and enjoy that banana cake! xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! Great post, I love being in my thirties! Have a wonderful birthday, and weekend 🙂

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