My Mr.5

Ever since Mr.5 turned five, I’ve been intending on blogging about him.  But I’ve found it difficult to sum him up in one post. Between the ages of 4 and 5, my eldest son has grown so much, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Well, let’s see.

You are such a bright little boy, with an amazing memory, able to recall precise details from events over two years ago without any prompting.  You regularly surprise us with little facts you remember – like how we burnt the toast in the cottage we stayed in at Lakes Entrance…when you were 2.

One thing that hasn’t changed is your great passion for anything train-related.  You still love Thomas, and for a five year old, have an unusually detailed knowledge of Melbourne’s metro network.  You know the names of more train stations than me!

Recently, you took a train magazine for show and tell at kinder, enthusiastically explaining the rail network to your class.  You told me that one of the boys said it was boring, and my heart ached for you.  (That boy’s Buzz Lightyear for show & tell?  Now that’s boring.)  The fact is, you are so far from being boring it isn’t funny.

Lots of kids know this too, and although you can’t see it, you have a small army of friends at childcare and kinder.  Quite simply, it’s because you’re fun to be around. You have a wonderful sense of humor, and a cheeky nature you’ve had since you were a baby.  You’re certainly spirited, but not mean-spirited.

You enjoy being mischievous and taking little risks: like jumping up to sit on your kinder teacher’s chair when she isn’t looking, while you and the other kids have a giggle. Sometimes when you disobey me at home, I have to stifle my own giggles, when I remember as a kid doing the same to my Mum.

And boy, can you talk!  You’ll happily strike up a conversation with anyone.  Shop owners, strangers in the supermarket, people walking by our house, all usually get a big “Hello!” followed by a question or two.  At the park, you always manage to befriend other kids, even if they’re years older.  You win them over with your genuine interest – and much to your delight, they ask you to help them catch bugs, or play hide & seek.

Girls.  You like playing with the girls as much as the boys. You have two girlfriends.  Sarah is one, and she is your favourite.  You’ve made it clear you’re going to marry her one day.  Of course, as your Mum, I need to know why.  “Because she’s my best friend”, you say, “because she’s nice to me, and because she gives me drawings.”

Your other girlfriend, Ava, comes a close second – but I suspect your relationship with her is on a slightly different level.  You and Ava happily play catch & kiss, which always ends with enthusiastic kisses right on the lips.  Admittedly, you both proceed to wipe each other’s kisses off your mouths, but this doesn’t seem to deter you!  Either way, both your girlfriends are lovely little girls.  You’ve got a good eye for them already.

We’ve asked you a couple of times what you want to be when you are a big person.  You answer the same, always, with absolute confidence.  “A DADDY”, you say.  When we explain that Daddies usually go to work too, you reply, “Well I suppose I can go to work…but I am definitely going to be a Daddy.”

It seems the parenting role for you is key.  How many children will you have?  Always the same answer, very resolute.  “Five.”  Boys or girls?  “ALL girls.  I’ll have to change a lot of nappies.  There’ll be nappies everywhere!”  Despite how amusing this sounds, you genuinely love babies, and go gaga over them just like us adults do.  You love to hold babies and look in awe at their tiny feet.

Food!  You decided you don’t like butter on your toast, without me mentioning I don’t have butter on mine either.  You have a terrible, insatiable sweet tooth and would eat cake all day if we let you.  On the morning of your birthday, you were in heaven, sitting in a favorite cafes eating pancakes & icecream, while watching the trains whiz by.

Then there’s your infectious smile.

Your love of nature – the colour and patterns of leaves and flowers.

Construction – everything you build is perfectly symmetrical; buildings, castles, detailed cities, all so skillfully planned and created.

There’s no doubt that you keep us on our toes. You’re not one to comply easily and do not like giving in.  Sometimes you’re as stubborn as a mule, which is rather infuriating, especially given how stubborn both your parents are.  Despite this, you keep surprising us, keep delighting us.

Five years on, and it’s sometimes still hard to believe you’re ours.

We only ask one thing.

Please stop growing up so fast.

Happy birthday my Mr.5. xx


10 responses to “My Mr.5

  1. I just found your blog – this post is just beautiful, it made me smile so much! I laughed at his little girlfriends too, how adorable!

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