Blogs you could eat

Lately I’ve had a ridiculous obsession with food blogs. For the most part, you can put it down to my daily fix of Masterchef – despite my best intentions, I’m hooked on this year’s show. I’ll watch it to the end…but I am looking forward to having an hour of my time back each night!

So yeah, I’ve been neglecting my own blog this week while reading others’ blogs. Boy are there some gorgeous foodie blogs out there. Here are a few I’ve been enjoying: (Billy from Masterchef’s blog – some good recipes) (a Melbourne-based food blog)

These are just a few, but they all make me want to not only cook for hours, but then photograph my food and buy an assortment of vintage crockery. 🙂

All incredibly inspiring and worth a visit!

Alison x


2 responses to “Blogs you could eat

  1. I love love love reading food blogs! Food porn, I like to call it. Bakerella is the bomb – I’ve made some AMAZING cookies using a recipe from that site before, but have never read the other blogs. Thanks for the suggestions! xxx

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