Well hello Nigella

It’s time for me to don my pink polkadot apron (if I had one) and channel my inner domestic goddess, as this weekend is a one big baking weekend.

Not just for any old reason.  It’s Mr.4’s birthday!

And one cake just isn’t really enough, is it?  I’ve received specific cake requests this year, with the key underlying theme being chocolate.  That’s my boy..

The first cake will be for the kids: a chocolate rocket-shaped cake with butter frosting and various sweets for decorations, including jelly snakes for the rocket’s ‘fire’.  I prefer to work without instructions when it comes to decorating a cake, so we’ll see how the finished designs pans out around midnight tonight…

Cake No.2 is going to involve more chocolate, but this time in a more grown-up kind of way:  a round chocolate cake split in half with chocolate filling and a chocolate glaze, topped with a moulded chocolate train from Hahndorf’s chocolates…and to finish, a little homemade salted caramel along the base of the train and to edge the cake.

Ok, so that’s the plan…let’s hope I can deliver on both!

And if not, well, at least there’ll be a chocolate-covered wooden spoon to lick…


18 responses to “Well hello Nigella

  1. Homemade salted caramel – I’ll be interested in your thoughts! Good luck with the bake fest!

  2. Please posy photos, would love to see how they turn out. Cake decorating except of the simplest variety is well beyond me so far… perhaps that’s my next motherhood frontier to explore??!!

  3. Love making kids birthday cakes, big tradition in our family, even if we are always finishing them way too late! Hope it went to plan

  4. Hi Allison, it’s Natasha from your old highschool. I miss you on Facebook! I have been wondering where you’ve been and I have finally been able to get into your blog (for some reason it had been asking me for a password)… I was a bit worried about you!! So glad to see your last blog post was July 2011 and not July 2010!! Anyway it will be nice to keep in touch and see the goings on in your life on this blog…I see so many parallels between our lives at the moment!!! xxx

  5. Alison!! I didn’t know you were back into blogging! Oh how I’ve missed reading your blog! I have a lot to catch up on it seems.

    Hope the family is well and hope the cakes turned out well! x

    • Oh thanks Shellie, you are too kind! Only just started again recently and even then hard to find the time to blog consistently some weeks! With all the macaron craze in Melbourne now I am going to try making some soon 🙂

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