My Mr.42

Oh goodness, I am so, so tired!  The last few days have been busy, to say the least.  Time to slow down, to stop and smell the roses?  ‘Fraid not.  (Week’s not over yet, though!)

I’ve received over 600 emails after being Freshly Pressed, all of them positive, which was just lovely.  Then today, I noticed my blog has slipped back into its little place of relative anonymity on the web.  And that’s OK by me. 🙂

I’ve also been on single parenting duty this week, as Mr.42’s been in Sydney for work.  How I miss him.  I’m waiting for him to walk in the door as I type.

I miss my Mr.42 because yes, I’ll admit, life is easier when he’s here.  We work well as a team, as parents, together.  He never says no when I ask him to help with the kids.  Without a fuss, he’s happy to bath them, enthusiastically reads them their books, spends ages patiently helping the boys construct cities out of blocks, or build train sets.

Without having to say anything, he knows when to step in, so that I can take a step back.

Oh and I’ve also discovered just how cold it is, taking the rubbish out of an evening.

Not good, that.

He’s still not home yet.

Don’t get me wrong – I can keep things going on my own if I have to.  Oh yes, I’m a fairly capable individual!

No, what I truly miss is his companionship.  It’s simple and uncomplicated.  That’s not to say it’s never been complicated: we have our moments, and have had our fair share of challenges.

But we’re in a good place, Mr.42 and I.  It’s an easy, quiet contentment that we share between us, which fills me with happiness and reassurance and fulfillment.

And then there’s the fact that winter is no season to be without spoons at night.

Especially when they’re the. best. spoons. ever.

Anyhow, time for me to go.  Someone’s home.


6 responses to “My Mr.42

  1. Oh my – I remember when you were “Freshly pressed” first time around. Perhaps you should pop out and buy a lotto ticket? Actually, could you pop out and buy me one please? 🙂
    Lovely post and I totally hear you on the companionship thing.

    Oh…..and the cold nights when trying to drag the bin out when the hubby is away……

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