Grateful for..surprises

It’s been a roller coaster ride of a week, one that’s involved considerable schedule reschuffling, and re-evaluation.  The kind of week that makes you immensely grateful for those small, yet important, constants in life.

That’s what this Saturday gratefulness post was going to be about.

But when you wake up on Saturday morning and realize your blog’s on the front page of WordPress…well, I think I’m entitled to a change of heart!

Little surprises that make your heart skip a beat.  That’s what I’m grateful for today.

However, since it’s my, um, second time at being Freshly Pressed, I’m feeling doubly grateful – but also a little guilty, too.

Everyone’s lovely comments I’ve received reminds me (again) how many wonderful bloggers are out there, all worthy of having a blog post featured.

It’s kind of like the feeling you get as a kid playing pass-the-parcel:  you’ve already had a turn at unwrapping, but then all of a sudden the music stops at you again, when really it should be the kid sitting next to you having a go.  (Applying that analogy to us WordPress bloggers and that’s one big pass-the-parcel.)

Anyhow, I’m happily grateful.  And on that note, it’s time I got back to Mr.2, who is, as I hurriedly write this, in Batman mode – “RRRAOOOR, BAA-MAN!” – and Mr.4, who’s singing one of his originals about dumbheads and poo-bums.

No surprises there.  😉

This blog post was part of Maxabella’s gratefulness blog hop.  Hop on over!


13 responses to “Grateful for..surprises

  1. We were just saying last week how sad it was that you deleted your wordpressed post… and now you have another one! Alison, you are clearly just a very publishable writer!

    I’m off to read the post. x

  2. I know nothing of Word Press and the honours bestowed on you – congratulations anyway. I wanted to say that I don’t know the game “pass the parcel” but I do know those feelings of being overwhelmed with winning, and with recognition and praise. I’m glad to hear others have them too.

  3. Oh the days of Batman! My son LOVED Batman – the old one from the 60’s with Adam West. He’d dash about the room with his Bathman cape when the music came on and did a round of punches, reading the “BIFF” and “WHAM” and “KAPOWIE” captions that came on screen. Hope you don’t mind me reliving those wonderful times through your kids!

    Don’t you also love the years of toilet humor? My youngest daughter wrote a “Book of ROODNESS” when she was about 4, and it was filled with “wicked” words like poo-poo and fluffs and bottom. I’ve kept it somewhere. It always brings a smile whenever I find it.

  4. Hello and many, many congrats, that’s great and you’re so very entitled to feel all proud and humble at the same time. Your writing of Batman and poo humour made me laugh and feel a bit bereft too. My littlest are five now and off to school next year…. Batman and Spiderman outfits do make an appearance but not with the passion they once did… sigh… will have to wait for the grandkids!

    • Thanks Seana…nice to know I made sense! I am enjoying the make-believe stage they’re at now. My youngest is 2 and no longer a ‘baby’…I too am already hanging for the grandkids! 🙂

  5. To be surprised by the unexpectedly wonderful is simply delicious – especially a surprise like finding yourself on the front page of WordPress. Simply awesome!

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