Booby glasses

Mr.2 is a bit of a boob man.  If he ever sees me naked, he points at my chest and excitedly squeals, “Oh! That’s BOOBIES!”.  I don’t walk around nude particularly often, nor do we all really stop and discuss boobs in general.  Heck, the poor little guy only got two months of boob as a newborn before I shut up shop.  No, Mr.2 just seems to have inherited a deep fondness for boobs (no prizes in guessing from whom).

But onto other interests.  Mr.2 also, like many 2 year olds, enjoys dress ups and make-believe.  He delights in pretending to be a dinosaur, a tiger, or Spiderman. 

As for dress ups, he’s particularly fond of wearing glasses.  It started with my sunglasses, then 3D movie glasses…but now, he generally sticks to wearing a pair of blue plastic kids’ frames without any lenses in them, and says he ”looks like Daddy”. 

The other day I was in the bathroom drying myself after a shower, when Mr.2 decided to join me.  He quietly took a seat on the step stool and proceeded to watch me dry off.  The inevitable booby comments started up.  “Boobies, Mumma!”  “That’s the boobies!”, pointing at me.  

Ok, time to get dressed.  Facing Mr.2, I put on my bra, doing it up at the back.  Mr.2 was clearly puzzled as he watched me put this foreign contraption on top of The Boobies.  Silently, he considered what to make of this thing. 

Then it hit him.  “GLASSES, Mummy!” he shouts and jumps up, looking very pleased with himself.  “That’s the boobies glasses!”

Alison x


5 responses to “Booby glasses

  1. Oh bless – aren’t they gorgeous. Sometimes I swear you can see their little minds ticking over. I told Finn the other day ” I love you Finn, you are very special” and he replied with “I know, everyone thinks that about their kids” Couldn’t believe I got that reply already – thought I would have had at least another 5 years !!!!!!

    • Oh my, that’s hilarious. James has moments where he acts like a moody 15 year old, I’ve even had a huffy “fine, then” before going to his room and slamming the door! This can only mean of course that at 15, they’ll be angels!!

  2. Oh that is just gold!! The Badoo would rate him a big laugh too. She to is obsessed by boobies – big, big ones. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she says “big boobies”!!! x

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