Pears and red wine

Pears and red wine.  Best winter dessert combo, ever!  Up until a few days ago, I’d never poached fruit before in my life.  I prefer to just eat it fresh.  But as we’re not spoilt for choice right now with seasonal fruit, I thought I’d try poaching some pears.  This was the end creation..

You have to try this before winter’s out.  This is Guy Grossi’s recipe and it’s so easy!


8 Bosc pears, peeled and the bottom core bit cut out

1 bottle red wine ($5 bottle fine)

1 cup water

250g brown sugar

2 cinnamon sticks

4 whole cloves

1 star anise (optional)

Method:  put everything in a big pot except the pears.  Mix it all round a bit, then add the pears and make sure they’re covered with the liquid.  Bring to simmer, then leave on low heat for about 40mins or until pears are nice and soft (I cooked it for 50 mins).

Allow to cool.  Serve with icecream, cream.  I added almond flakes and some grated dark choc.  Pears taste even better cold the next day on muesli or just on their own.  Delicious.


One response to “Pears and red wine

  1. Ooh pears and red wine – a combination I’d never even thought of. Sounds delicious though!

    I’ve recently started poaching pears too. I poach them in some water, golden syrup and cinnamon then eat them with porridge. So wintery and comforting xxx

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