I haven’t been blogging for a little while.

Instead, I’ve been hibernating.

It’s involved one too many cookies, one too many almond croissants (hmm) and one too many hot chocolates (mmm!).

But, amazingly, it’s also involved me devouring three whole novels.  For some reason – this cold weather has a lot to do with it – I found myself wanting to just be tucked up in bed with a good book.  The one I enjoyed the most was the School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister.  Your local library probably has a copy.  A great read, and a perfect accompaniment to a hot chocolate!

I’ve also been spending a lot of simple, quality time with the boys.  We seem to have made Sunday mornings our ‘family outing’ morning, which is really nice.  It encourages more forward planning of the weekends as well.  Our last two Sunday mornings have involved going to Hawthorn for a play at Fairview Park, finishing with custard donuts from Brown’s. 

Then yesterday, a short train ride to Gardenvale, ending in a visit to the fantastic bakery there for a ciabatta loaf — and an unexpected bump into Eric Bana, I might add! 😉

Ah winter…it may be downright cold, but hibernation is good for the soul..


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