Hollyhops and turkey delight

Until today, Mr.2 has loathed lollies – actually, anything that’s really sweet.  Yes you read right.  Nothing sweet, except fruit, so it’s been quite easy to feed him healthy food without a fuss.  He spat his (lovingly prepared) 1st and 2nd birthday cake out…icecream gets spat out too…and chocolate?  “Blaaahh” he says to that, as he wipes even Lindt chocolate off his tongue.  

Strange child.  Mr.4, on the other hand, would happily survive on a drip of cane sugar if we let him.

Now don’t get me wrong – we don’t ply Mr.2 with sweets.  Just that whenever he’s tried a sweet treat, it’s always rejected.  Oh, with the exception of one.  A white marshmallow.

Until today. 

Today, Mr.2 decided to spread his culinary wings.  Allow me to explain.

Mr.2 went to a birthday party last week and was given a bag of lollies (those neon-bright, artificially-laden-type lollies) to take home.  Because I knew he despised sweet things, I chucked the bag of lollies into the glove box of the car, and actually forgot all about them.

This afternoon, I happened to find myself stuck in the car with two tired and hungry boys, for whom I didn’t have my usual supply of snacks…and we were about 40km from home.  Not good.  

Then I happened to remember the lolly bag left in the glovebox.  It didn’t help the situation that I was starving as well..

Things were getting desperate, so I offered Mr.2 a bright green jelly lolly.  “He won’t eat it anyway” I thought to myself.  Mr.2 stuffed it in his mouth and chewed.  Predicting the usual spit-out, I said, “Ok, you can spit it out now” and held out my hand.  This time however, Mr.2 said “Noooo…” and proceeded to scoff the offending green item.

Of course by this time, a very grumpy Mr.4 was wanting a lolly as well, so I gave him a lollipop (what the hell!).  Mr.2 was strangely silent, watching Mr.4 enjoying his lollipop. 

Mr.2 had never had a lollipop before.

He decided it was time to put an end to that.


A what?  “Huh?  What’s a hollyhop?”

That one,” looking at Mr.4’s lollipop.  “I wanna hollyhop pwease Mummy.”

Despite this sounding excruciatingly cute, I did not give Mr.2 a hollyhop.

This went down like a lead balloon (think 2yo with green lolly in system, tired, hungry, trapped in carseat) but I held my ground.  And ate an orange jelly lolly for good measure.

After his sugar fix, Mr.4 decided the topic of conversation would remain on lollies.  The appearance of a lolly bag had had a lasting impact. 

“MUM” said Mr.4, “Mum, can we go back to Prahran Market tomorrow and get some TURKEY DELIGHT?!?”

Oh my God…first hollyhops, and now turkey delight!

“What’s Turkey Delight?” asked Mr.42 in earnest, thinking it may have been a real lolly, or perhaps a toy.  Or a game about turkeys.  He didn’t really know what was going on.

“Shhh”, I said “Don’t tell him it’s t-u-r-k-i-s-h delight.  I want him to call it turkey delight.”  Hee hee.

And so we discussed the various types of turkey delight you can buy at Prahran market – the traditional rosewater pink, a green and a melon-flavoured orange one. 

Mmmmmmmm.  For a sweet fix, nothing beats a hollyhop or a nice fresh piece of turkey delight, don’t you agree?


2 responses to “Hollyhops and turkey delight

  1. Cute! I managed to convince my then two-year-old that lollipops were disgusting medicine when I had to have one at the doctor’s (feeling faint after having some blood taken). This trick lasted for about a year until he was given a lollipop for his third birthday. If he sees one in the shop now he goes out of his way to tell me that they’re not yucky – they’re really nice as I obviously was confused when I had one.

  2. I’ve just found you (via Maxabella I think…I’ve forgotten already even though I was just there) and am reading back – I love the gorgeous things kids say and I LOVE the ‘turkey’ delight at the Prahran Market. Yummo! My son, 2 1/2 doesn’t like lollies much, but he does love chocolate, fortunately not the super dark that I like so I don’t have to share.

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