Baby number three, ’tis not to be

The day I became a Mum – Mr.4, 10.07.2006

Last night hubby and I visited the best doctor in the world, my Ob/Gyn.  One cannot fault this man.  With a little help from modern medicine, he helped us conceive Mr.4; and also delivered both my boys via classical c-sections, which were very tricky births.  He was worth every dollar (and that’s a lot of dollars).  Oh and he also postponed his annual holiday to deliver Mr.2 safely – you can’t ask for more than that!

But back to last night’s consultation.  Although half the time was spent discussing motor cars (Dr and hubby) while the topic at hand – er, me – was forgotten, we did of course satisfy the purpose of our visit.  The main question being whether it would be possible for us to have a third child.

We certainly haven’t been desperately wanting to have a third child.  It was more a case of if I fell pregnant by surprise, then we’d go with it.  Although I had been getting clucky again lately…so it was important to ask the question.

There was also a little part of me that had to know for sure one way or the other, whether it was actually feasible.  You see for us, the falling pregnant bit wasn’t too difficult – it was the pregnancy itself, whether my inner bits were up to carrying a third baby, or if it was just too risky.

After the Doc spent a few moments in silence, thinking it through, I got my answer.  “You’re almost 35…after two classical caesarians it’s likely there’s a lot of uterine scarring…it would mean weeks of bed rest in hospital…there is a good risk of uterine rupture and then a hysterectomy during the birth…which we don’t want to end up with…that’s not to mention the risk to the baby.” 

Then he looked at both of us, and added, “You’ve got a loving husband, two great healthy kids…now if I were your husband – which I’m not and couldn’t be anyway because I’m old enough to be your father – but if I was, I’d be very concerned for your safety carrying a third baby.  So I’d say, be very happy with what you have.”

Fair enough, and he’s right of course.  I may have gotten a little clucky recently, but not clucky enough to even consider taking any of those risks.  And I am very lucky to have what I have.  Very blessed indeed.

And so that’s the end of procreating for us.  I’m just going to have to be satisfied with buying baby gifts for friends’ babies.  Then fingers crossed, when I’m old and grey, some grandkids will come along.  I’m planning on spoiling them rotten 😉


6 responses to “Baby number three, ’tis not to be

  1. Helloo!
    I didn’t realise that you were back in the blogging world, so was chuffed to see the comment that you left over at my blog. I can testify that two is a great number of kids to have – and when they hit their teens, you may be glad of it as they cost a fortune hehe 🙂

  2. Oh Alison, still a hard thing to get your head around though isn’t it. We are done with our two (J has had the snip) and we were very sure we didn’t want anymore but there is something still so tough about the finality of it. Still we bothhave pretty amazing blessings don’t we…………

    • Yes we are very lucky to have our two each. But yes there is something a little sad about that being it, I don’t know what it is, maybe because the excitement of pregnancy and how amazing the whole thing is, let alone the birth, is such a gift it seems a bit sad knowing you can’t go through it again. In a way it’s a good thing not being actually able to have anymore – the decision’s taken out of my hands! x

    • Thanks Kellie for stopping by. Yes it *is* a little hard because yes the idea had been discussed, many times! Here’s hoping my Mr.4 ends up having the FIVE kids that he wants to have when he’s a Daddy 🙂

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