My big fat day off’s been a while

I’m starting to get a craving…that craving for a entire day to myself.  That feeling where I want to take a day off work, when the kids both have kinder and daycare and just completely avoid all regular responsibility for eight hours. 

I don’t feel that way very often – generally I’m satisfied with an hour or so on the weekend, to grab a coffee and go to a gym class…even supermarket shopping on my own I consider as time out. 

Supermarket shopping as time out?  Who am I kidding!  In my books, proper ‘time out’ – My Day Off – would go something like this:

1. Drop the kids to respective kindergarten/daycare facility by 9am. (Bye-bye)

2. Proceed to favourite local cafe and order an extra hot extra strong skinny latte in a mug, grab the morning’s papers and go sit in the quietest spot possible. 

3. Go home and completely ignore all housework, change into cycling gear and cycle along Beach Rd to Albert Park (this being my perfect day off, it’s a sunny, still day, with no headwind)

4. Enjoy another skinny latte in Albert Park (plus probably an almond croissant – what the heck, it’s My Day Off).  Wander around the fancy shops, and because today is completely void of normality, see some ridiculously-priced vintage homewares item, and I buy it just because I love it

5. Cycle home to a blissfully silent house and enjoy the longest uninterrupted hot shower I’ve had since 2006 (gas bill, water bill, don’t care today)

6. Go to the movies on my own, in the middle of the day, so I have the whole cinema almost to myself and watch some artsy movie.  I am equipped with my pashmina I use as a blanket and my supplies of dark chocolate, fruit and a cup of tea (woohoo!)

7.  Head back to the blissfully silent house for a nanna nap (heaven)

8.  Wake up feeling a little disorientated and lost in the blissfully silent house – it’s now becoming eerie – so head down to grab some sushi for the kids dinner, then collect the little munchkins. 

9. Cut up sushi, kids scoff sushi, icecream for dessert – My Day Off continues – then bath, PJs, books and bed (night-night)

10. Dinner of Thai takeaway – grilled rockling fillet with garlic, ginger, chilli, steamed veges..mmmmm.  Or husband’s chilli calamari and prawns (either way, not cooking today!)

11. DVD or back to bed with a good book and tea..oh and hubby 🙂

How would you spend an entire day off?  Dare to dream…


2 responses to “My big fat day off

  1. Oh my. This sounds like such a great day. Keep your fingers crossed… one day it might all happen!

    My perfect day would involve …
    – An early morning run along the beach, followed by a decadent breakfast of pancakes, berries, maple syrup plus a coffee
    – A trip to the shops where I try on lots of clothes and miraculously everything fits perfectly and looks fantastic. Then miraculously, my bank account is LOADED so I buy a whole new wardrobe. Yay!
    – An cosy afternoon at home, watching movies from the comfort of my couch, perhaps with a hot chocolate.
    – Dinner and wine with friends, following by a cocktail or two.
    – Back home for some trashy night time TV, some ice cream and a perfect night’s sleep.

    Ohhh I wish xxx

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