Little lady killers

Here are my two future lady killers mucking about last weekend.  Like every mother I am completely biased, but I suspect in years to come they’ll have their pick of the girls, yes? 🙂

Actually Mr.4 has already confirmed for us he has two girlfriends – Sarah and Ava.  While we certainly wouldn’t condone philandering ways, he seems to have very different relationships with each girl.  Yes, at four…

Sarah and he have been close friends since they were babies, when they first met at daycare, and still see each other once a week.  It remains a highlight of the week for Mr.4.  Asked why he likes Sarah, it’s “because she is my best friend and is nice and gives me drawings.”  Can’t argue with that!

But then, there is super-cute, fiesty Ava.  When Mr.4 sees Ava at the park, there are always several enthusiastic games of catch & kiss, finishing with big wet kisses right on the lips – after which they both proceed to wipe their mouths – but this doesn’t seem to deter either of them.  In fact Ava will slow down, and run around in circles, waiting for Mr.4 to catch her…hmmmm..

I’m pleased to say that Mr.4 always takes a little gift for his girlfriends when he sees them – usually a special love heart picture, or a hand-picked flower.  I’m teaching them early 😉

Oh my boys…please stop growing up so fast!


2 responses to “Little lady killers

  1. oh, your boys are adorable! I have 3 of my own. Isn’t it funny to watch them interacting with girls etc…I always wonder what they’ll be like when they grow up! Hope they don’t fight over girls! And hope they bring home nice ones lol

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