Jesus and his donkey

Religion – it certainly isn’t my topic of choice, however this little story has to be told.

Last week I took Mr.4 to kinder and one of the other Mums called me over to look at the communication book – a book the teachers fill with info on the kids’ activities and some photos, so we know what they actually get up to.

Anyway, she was reading about the day the kinder class had the Easter story told to them.  A Reverend had come to kinder to tell them the story of Jesus dying on the cross and so on.  I’d heard that was taking place and despite the fact I knew it’d probably open a massive can of worms, I was ok with it.

The teachers had written down the conversation that took place.  The Rev had explained that “Jesus arrived in the town on a donkey and there were many people that were accusing Jesus of doing the wrong thing, but they didn’t know the truth” (can you tell I’m kind of making this up as I go along here?) “…and Jesus was killed, but then because he was the son of God and had not done anything wrong he rose up and lived again.  We call this a miracle.  He sacrificed his life for us, but lived again, and that is why we celebrate at Easter time.” (you get the picture)

The kinder class then had a chance to ask questions about the story.

Nathan asked, “HOW did he come alive?”

The Rev replied, “We don’t know.  But it is a very rare thing to happen, and that’s why it is so special.”  (nicely answered)

Then Charlee asked, “Is that why we get Easter eggs?”

The Rev replied, “Yes, Easter eggs are one of the ways we celebrate the story of Jesus at Easter.”

Then James (Mr.4) asked,


The Rev replied. “The donkey lived.”

And sweet Jesus, thank the Lord for that, or else Mr.4 would’ve been seriously peturbed.  😉


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