I’m grateful for…winter

This Saturday I’m joining in Maxabella’s weekly gratefulness blog link up. 

This week marked the start of another winter here in Melbourne.  If you haven’t lived through a Melbourne winter, let’s just say it’s a fairly bleak, freezing three months!

I’m hardly winter’s biggest fan, but there are lots of wonderful simple things that only wintertime allows you to appreciate…

Little things, like toasting marshmallows…ugg boots…open fireplaces…cuddles in bed when it’s freezing outside…DVD nights on the sofa…the kids wearing beanies with pom-poms…the absence of spiders…hot chocolate…homemade soups and stews…muddy walks in gumboots, followed by a hot shower…taking the kids to see the snow…the anticipation of daffodils blooming in the garden 🙂

What are you grateful for today?

Image: Melbourne storm in winter, courtesy lightstalkers.org


8 responses to “I’m grateful for…winter

  1. I feel much the same about Winter. Especially here in Melbourne. At least the past few days have been no so bad!
    I love lighting the fire in our living room and watching movies with the kids, with a few wintery food treats… such a warm way to spend a bleak grey day.

  2. Oh I how I Love Melbourne!!
    I wish it was warranted to have a fireplace living in Queensland. I’m super jealous. Nothing beats sitting in front of an open fire.

    I’m grateful for the gorgeous sunsets we’ve had here lately, stunning photo.

  3. I am not a fan of winter either and I usually escape to Europe at some point, but it might not happen this year… so I’d better find all the things to be grateful for, too.

  4. Oh god, I am ADDICTED to toasted marshmallows! I dislike winter too but they are definitely one upside.
    Still … bring on summer 🙂

  5. That is a striking image! Wow!

    I love winter. I love all the seasons but winter is special. i’ve got more get up and go in the colder months. x

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